Win a Slice of €50,000 in the Lucky Charms Yggdrasil Promotion!

It’s time to announce the latest promotion that you can sink your teeth into right here at BitStarz. It’s time to take your slot action to the next level and compete against other players from around the world for your chance to win a slice of €50,000.

Taking part is really simple. All you have to do is play four specific slots, more info on that in a second, and complete four special missions. Each mission is designed for a specific slot, so make sure you’re paying attention when you complete a mission – you don’t want to waste time!

Ready? Let’s Go!

This might be a new mechanic to most of you here at BitStarz, so we’re going to walk you through it carefully. There are four slots you need to play from Yggdrasil in order to take part, and each slot will have a mission that you need to complete. The faster you complete the mission, ie, the fewer spins it takes you, the better. This will bump you higher up the leaderboard and let you win the lion’s share of that €50k prize pool.


First up, we’ve got Lucky Neko – Gigablox. In this funky slot, you need to land a block bigger than 2×2 on the first two reels three times. The fastest you can do this is three spins, and if you manage that, you can rest assured you’re going to be in first place from the get go.

Next up you’ve got to complete a mission in Multifly! Here, you need to reach the 3rd dropdown three times. However, you can only do this in the base game, not free spins mode, so bear this in mind.

For the third mission, you need to appease the Norse gods in Vikings Go Bezerk. Here, you need to loot, raid and pillage three loot chests in the base game. Just as we saw in Multify! you can’t complete this challenge in free spins mode.

Finally, we come to the final mission in Vault of Fortune. This nice mission requires you to land at least one wild on the reels three times in the base game. Just like in Lucky Neko – Megablox, you could potentially do this in three spins to top the leaderboard!


Can I Redo Missions?

If you completed a mission, but if you want to try again to get a better time, then you can. Simply hit the reset button after 25 spins and you can reset the challenge. If you go over your previous personal best, the mission will automatically reset. The whole point of these missions is to do them in as few spins as possible, so even if you complete a mission, it’s worth redoing it a few times to try and complete it as fast as possible!


What Can I Win?

Finally, we’re going to run you through the tasty prizes that are on offer. There’s a massive €50k up for grabs for 510 lucky players, so getting as high as you can on the leaderboard is imperative. The payout table is as follows:

1 – €10000
2 – €7000
3 – €3000
4-5 – €1000
6-10 – €500
11-20 – €200
21-40 – €150
41-90 – €100
91-140 – €75
141-240 – €50
241-510 – €25

As you can see, the first 5 places take the lion’s share of the cash, so it’s important you push as hard as you can to improve your speed and climb the leaderboards.



How Do I Take Part?

As always, taking part in epic promotions at BitStarz is as easy as pie. All you have to do is load up one of the games that has a mission on it and you’ll be automatically enrolled into the promotion. This means you can sit back, relax and complete the missions. Once you’re happy with your score and position on the leaderboard, you can hang around until the final whistle and receive your prize on Monday August 10.


Good luck to each and every one of you. May you be prosperous and have the best luck in this epic Yggdrasil network promotion!