Get Tickled Pink With Plinko

Here at BitStarz we love something different, and so it is with pleasure that we get to review Plinko from Bgaming, a modern take on the segment of a popular game show that first aired 35 years ago – and a game exclusive to BitStarz. Those of a certain vintage may remember the game, but for the millennials among you we’ll put you in the picture. It’s 1983. Ronald Reagan is in the white house, shoulder pads and beige are in, and a new game show debuts on CBS called ‘The Price is Right’. One of the games within the show involves a board with a rectangle of pins on and pots at the bottom with cash amounts on them. The contestant drops the ball onto the board at the top and watches as it bumps its way down to the bottom and lands in one of the cash pots, with the contestant winning that amount. And that’s Plinko.


Dropping Your Balls

Bgaming has taken this classic game and thrust it into the 21st century in a simple yet surprisingly fun version that can be played on any device. The premise is the same, except the board is a big triangle instead of a square, but otherwise everything else is the same. Before you send the ball cascading down you’ll need to place your bet, which involves choosing from three variables:

  • Bet amount – simply choose the amount you want to bet, from 1-100 coins
  • Risk level – choose from low, normal, or high. A higher risk level gives you higher value pots on the outer edge but fewer of them and visa versa
  • Lines – choose how many lines of pins are present in the game down which your ball can fall

Once you’re set, hit play and watch your happy pink ball bobble its way down! You can also set the game to auto drop, which sends your selected number of balls down in quick succession. The minimum is 10, which we tried and found highly amusing if hard to keep track of, but the maximum is 1,000. The mind boggles.


Pots of Money to be Won

Winning with Plinko is about as simple as it gets. When your ball lands in a pot at the bottom the value of the pot will be multiplied by how much you bet, with a tally kept to the left. And that’s it. No double or nothing, no stacked wilds, no free spins…what you see is what you get. But the beauty is that this game doesn’t need it – it’s an almost perfect alternative to the stress of high stakes poker, or the strategies of roulette. This is a game of pure chance and just the right balance between fun and potential profit. Talking of which, the maximum win per go is still 100,000 coins, so don’t go thinking the rewards aren’t there because they certainly are.

Get Your Plink on at BitStarz

Some people think that Plinko is a metaphor for life, filled with random twists and turns until you end up at a point you never expected. Whether you buy into this or not, we highly recommend giving Plinko a try just for the fun of it, which you can do for free at BitStarz.