The Choco Reels Slot May Be the Sweetest Game You Have Ever Seen

If your sweet tooth is bigger than most or if you are just a fan of a sugary delight from time to time, this might be your lucky day. Dripping with chocolate, ice cream, candy, lollipops and donuts, we don’t even want to think about the amount of sugar Wazdan has put into the Choco Reels slot.

Like a big bag of candy there is so much going on in this game, and with all of the sweet features at hand you can expect a sugar rush like never before. Just imagine how much fun you can have with the 9,500x multiplier and €380,000 max win! It simply doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

Get ready for the best candy cane action known to man!

It’s a Sweet Sweet Fantasy, Baby

The game is played out across 6 reels and 2,403 paylines in a colorful landscape that only a child could dream of. Some of the positions on the reels will be blocked and covered with chocolate but as you land winning combos it will open up the grid piece by piece (excuse the pun).

Boasting a 96.22% RTP and a bet limit at €40 doesn’t say much on their own but combined with everything else, it makes for a spectacular experience and the potential for the big bucks are in place.

You can even choose your preferred volatility level as you play! Whether you want low, medium or high, it’s all up to you. Thank you Wazdan!!


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Fully Loaded With Potential

It doesn’t even matter if you like sweets or not because the winning potential in this game is massive. There is such an abundance of cool features in place that it is full-throttle action from the get go.

How to Get Glazed Free Spins

Free spins tend to enjoy the sweeter things in life just like the rest of us, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll find them here. It takes 3 glazed donuts to get 10 of them and you can get even more as you go.

For every win, the multiplier will increase and you will be glad to know there is no limit to how big your multipliers can get. Pretty sweet, right?

During the free spins, all positions on the grid will be open, taking the paylines to a complete other level before settling at 46,656 of them. Wow!

Take a Bite Out of the Choco Spins

After you’ve cleared away all blocked positions with consecutive wins, filling the choco spins bottle with the melted chocolate, you will be awarded 6 free spins. The Multiplier will increase for each spin up to the maximum 6x.

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Daredevils Are Welcome Over Here

Nothing in this game is what you’re used to, so why would the gamble option be any different. Forget the red or black card (although it is available), this baby is all about the sweets so if you want to double your winnings, it all comes down to if you can manage to put a scoop of ice cream in a cone. Sounds easy enough?


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Treat Yourself to Free Spins

We do want to remind you that the buy option is in place if you prefer not having to wait for the right combination to land. Simply click the shopping cart, make your purchase and start spinning your free spins without any hassle!

This Slot Is a Win Win

It’s been a while since we saw this much in one slot. The word happiness comes to mind and that’s a really positive feedback if you ask us.

This is a fantastic game and the fact that the game won’t make you gain any weight or have a negative impact on your teeth makes it even better. In other words, this slot is really a win win!