A Bountiful Harvest Awaits in Wonder Farm Slot

Did you know that the world’s largest pumpkin was grown on a farm in Belgium and weighed in at a whopping 2,624 pounds? To put that in perspective, the world’s largest pumpkin weighs more than a hippopotamus, a small car, and even some small airplanes! Why would you grow a pumpkin that large? I have no idea. It must be something to do with farmers getting bored.

Take a shot at growing record-breaking wins in Wonder Farm slot from Evoplay.

Time to plant those seeds

Whether you’re a city slicker or a country bumpkin, you’ll need to know the rules of the game before you start your farming adventure.


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The Wild Dorothy symbol is a four-symbol-high stacked wild that only appears on the first reel. If it appears partially, it will be nudged into its full view. If it lands on the reels with all four positions visible, the crazy farm feature will be triggered. Once it is, all instances of one low-paying symbol will be transformed into the same high-paying symbol.

If you’re looking to unlock a shot at the slot’s bonus round, you’ll need to wait around a few seasons. The feature is triggered with eight or more bonus symbols. Once triggered, you’ll be transported to a new set of reels where only pie, bonus, or blank symbols can appear. During the bonus round, your aim is to add pies to the reels, and you will have three spins to do so. If you add a pie, your three spins will be reset. If you go three spins without adding another pie to the reels your round will be over. Once it is, all the amounts on the reels will be added together and your win awarded.


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That’s really about it. There’s not a lot to this one, especially when it comes to bonus features.

Is Wonder Farm slot ready for harvest?

This is not what I would call a feature-rich slot. In fact, it’s probably best described as being slim on bonus features. There are circumstances that I would be able to live with that. If the slot had an original theme or some fantastic graphics. I could even deal with it if it had low volatility as its main draw. However, Wonder Farm slot does not have any considerations. The graphics are good but not amazing, the theme is as generic as they come, and the medium to high volatility doesn’t help matters. The slot doesn’t even have a buy bonus feature. I’m just not sure what the key selling points of this slot are meant to be. The slot has an RTP rating of 95.95%.

If you’re looking for a few Evoplay slots I would recommend, I suggest giving the sultry Collapsed Castle and the sensational Redrose Sanctuary a try.