The Asgardians Slot Is Summoning You to Join Odin, Thor and Loki

The powerful Norse gods are back and they are here to put their powers on display. Much thanks to popular TV-shows like “Vikings” and “Ragnarok” more and more people have become more familiar with the Norse mythology over the years and thanks to the latest release from Endorphina, the Asgardians slot, we all get a chance to get a closer look at Odin’s royal family and especially their humble abode of Asgard.

Getting close and personal with the illustrious heroes could be scary for some of you but the ones daring to enter the realm of magic will have the opportunity to make divine money. You will come across epic bonus games, free spins and multipliers (1,200x) but the big question is, will you be able to live up to the high expectations fitting of a Norse god?

Who Goes There?

Five reels and 25 paylines is the chosen arena for the gods of the North and it’s Odin with his one eye and legendary spear Gungnir who sticks out in terms of stature. As Loki and his brother Thor (not played by Chris Hemsworth this time) are the sons of Odin, they have to fulfil their obligations to their father and join the others while the stunning goddess Freya stands for the necessary female intellect on the reels.


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Smash and Grab Bonus Game

The most famous divine weaponry of all times could very well be Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. This legendary sledge hammer has been put to the test many times and always been victorious. We expected nothing less than it having a big part of this slot and as the bonus symbol, landing 3 of them will treat you to some bonus action. In a room full of brand new shields, made by the best craftsmen in Asgard, your mission is to put the shields to the test using the hammer. Smash the shields and see if they can take a hit. If they do, you will get paid. Be careful, if you break a shield, it’s game over.

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Cross the Rainbow Bridge

In another tribute, the legendary Rainbow Bridge was chosen to be the scatter and suitably enough, crossing the bridge is what will get you to the Great Hall and its free spins. Land 3 of the scatter symbol and you will get 10 free spins. As a bonus, all wins will have a x3 multiplier.

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Stop Hiding and Start Spinning

There is something special with Norse mythology and these legendary gods. We thank them for their role in making this slot a very entertaining game and if you haven’t spun these reels yet, it’s time to stop hiding and get to it. Unless you are afraid of course?