Let the Rocket Stars Slot Take You Planet Hopping for Mega Wins!

You may want to sit down for this because you have never before seen what is about to come and to be honest, we are not sure how to describe it either. Mentioning robots, spaceship, gems and tiny gremlin looking characters doesn’t quite cover it even if it sums up what’s going on in the newly released Rocket Stars slot.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a great time and the intergalactic wins that you can pocket make this slot highly respected and worthy of a recommendation so instead of trying to describe it, the best way is simply for you to just head over there and start spinning.

So Much Is Going On

Evoplay has created something really special this time and spending some time in this fun and different world is a fantastic way to get your mind off of things. In a world built on 5 reels and 20 paylines it’s amazing how much else is going on. While you are focused on the reels and landing symbols such as a variety of colorful gems, space shoes and robots, you might miss the tiny workers on the left. Want to know what they are up to? Keep reading.

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Unexpected Rocket Scientists

The tiny characters will never be accused of being lazy and they are way smarter than they look. One wouldn’t expect them to be able to put a spaceship together but they pull off the Rocket Building feature with grace and impress us all.

Every time you land a scatter on the reels they are collected and accounted for by the guys. As you keep playing you’ll notice the construction begin and when you reach 30 collected scatters, your rocket is ready to go. Keep spinning and collecting scatters because when you’ve reached the 30, your rocket will take you to planet free spins.

Welcome to Planet Free Spins

Scatters continue to pull their weight during free spins and for each of them you land you will get an additional free spins but that spin also comes with a multiplier. Your accumulated multiplier will be applied at the end of your spins.

Planet Hopping

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