The Payouts Are on Fire in Welcome to Hell 81 Slot

This game is literally on fire! To be honest, this was the first time we were actually looking forward to hearing the devil welcoming us to hell. With a deep and distinct voice he invites you in with open arms and he could probably find a side-gig as a bouncer at a shady nightclub with a diabolic theme. The way he delivers his lines in Welcome to Hell 81 slot should if nothing else get him an interview. Best of luck, Lucifer!

But until he moves on to this other career, let’s make the most of it and spin the flaming reels and pocket some of the smoking hot payouts this slot is capable of.

Number of the Beast

Apparently hell is a place with 4 reels and 81 paylines. If you had any doubts that this really is a game from hell, they will disappear as soon as you take a look at the symbols being used. Pentagrams, tridents, the number of the beast 666 and a couple of Books of Satan keep the theme on par.

The Devil Multiplier Wild is on its own as a special symbol and will hold the fort down while we spin our way towards the riches.


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Bigger and Bigger Wins

Hell is a fairly simple place in terms of features and the three existing in this game are Falling Symbols, the Devil Multiplier Wild and the Gamble feature.

Winning combinations are formed of 3 or 4 symbols and when one is created, the symbols involved will disappear to be replaced by new ones. As we know, this is a great opportunity for another winning combo adding even more money to your payouts.

We can all get a little greedy at times and want bigger and bigger wins. To help quench this thirst, the Gamble geature is just a click away. After each win you will have a chance to double your winnings in a straightforward game of red or black. This may seem simple to many of you but you can really stack up on monster payouts when you manage to score a few in a row. Sure, it’s risky, but the rewards can be huge.


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A Ton of Dough to Be Made

We never knew hell could be a place for all this cash. When thinking about the underworld, the initial vibe is more about poverty but wow, there is a ton of dough to be made here and the best part is that you can get in, make a quick buck and then go back to your normal life. That sounds like a pretty damn good setup for us!