Dragon Tiger Gives you Table Play with an Asian Twist!

Dragon Tiger will have you on the edge of your seat, as you back your favorite animal to land the highest card and score you a juicy win. Dragon Tiger is an offshoot of baccarat that began in China and is one of the simplest casino games on the planet. All you have to do is pick which animal you think has the higher card and if you’re right, you win. Best of all, you can play Dragon Tiger at BitStarz Casino using your favorite cryptocurrencies – there is simply no better way to grab a quick win!

Avoid the Tie Bet Option

Similarly to baccarat, you can bet on a tie result, but it’s not a sensible move. With only one card being drawn per side, the chances of the game ending up a tie in incredibly slim. There are two types of ties available, a regular tie and a suit tie. A regular tie pays out at 11:1 and a suit tie pays out at 50:1. While these returns are rather juicy, the chance of landing a tie result on your bet is small at best. If you have a smallish bankroll, you’re safer playing bets on Dragon or Tiger despite their relatively low payout of 1:1.

A Large House Edge

Unlike some of the other casino games available, Dragon Tiger has a relatively large house edge. A Dragon or Tiger bet has a house edge of 3.73%, whereas the house edge on a tie bet is a whopping 32.77%.

Card Counting is Easy

Live Dragon Tiger is the perfect game to count cards in. You can set up a piece of paper with all the possible cards and mark down the ones that appear. This will help you calculate the chances of cards appearing and give you the upper hand. However, if you join a live stream mid-way through a shoe, this tactic won’t work.

Martingale Might Work

If you are desperate to use a betting system to help you win, the Martingale system could be the best option in Dragon Tiger. While somewhat old school in premise, if you modify the Martingale system slightly, you can increase your chances of winning. Thanks to the limited number of outcomes and ample time between hands, you have plenty of time to do the math and place your system bets.

Dragon Tiger is certainly an exciting game to play and you can quickly pick up on trends in order to maximize your table time. Runs happen quite frequently, so if you are counting cards and recording outcomes, you can quickly assess the situation and increases your chances of winning.

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