Go Treasure Hunting With John Hunter and the Book of Tut Slot

Another book has hit the shelves and it is a good one. We have gotten used to a constant flow of John Hunter and his books and by now he must really be a bibliophile. For those of you who are not as eager to read page to page, cover to cover, slots are a fantastic solution and with the brand new John Hunter and the Book of Tut slot fresh on the market, your reading material for the summer is sorted. Thanks Pragmatic Play!

If you were to take a wild guess that the theme of this slot is ancient Egypt you would be correct. King Tut’s free spins are like carrots dangling in front of your face and when you are able to continuously retrigger them for a rocking payday, what else do you really need? Perhaps the 5,000x your stake max win can lead the way but let’s start spinning and see what will happen.

Are You Ready to Go All In?

Jaw dropping features have never been John Hunter’s preferred choice for his adventures and sticking to a winning concept is never a bad idea. It makes sense, as in why find and enter the grave of a pharaoh just to come home with a few cents? No, when you hang around John Hunter, you need to be able to go all in and in this case it means get yourself a whole lot of free spins and that will lead you to the treasure.


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How to Get Unlimited Free Spins

It’s the book that is your ticket to the free spins showdown and if you don’t get enough of them, you will never get an invite to the dance. At least 3 of them need to land on your reels but if you can get a few more, let’s say 5, you can get up to a 200x stake payout. You will then head into the bonus round with 10 valuable free spins.

We mentioned unlimited free spins and even though it may sound like a dream it is very much real. Keep landing 3 or more book scatters and you can see your stash getting a nice addition of another 10 free spins. This little trick can be done over and over again, meaning you can actually get unlimited free spins. That’s right!

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Expanding Symbols Means Expanding Payouts

Quickly flipping through the pages can be a great way of finding out what’s in the book and sometimes there may even be images. Before you can dive into your free spins in this game, a random expanding symbol is chosen. This expanding symbol can get you paid but just how much depends on which is the lucky symbol.

The only way for the symbol to expand is if it is part of a winning combination but if you happen to get the pharaoh symbols you will have a max payout of 2,000 you stake to look forward to as it is the second most profitable symbol after Mr Hunter himself, which will get you a solid 5,000x your stake.

A Sandy Egypt Adventure

As you can see, you won’t need any other features in order to get paid. Put all your faith into the free spins and you should be just fine. Also, being on an adventure in the sandy Egypt looking for the big payday, it’s easy to forget about Slot Wars where you can get paid extra just for playing and advancing on the leaderboard.