Join the Battle Between Good and Evil in Archangels: Salvation Slot

Through centuries of Christianity, the battle between heaven and hell has been a distinctly masculine confrontation. Well, no more.

The baddest celestial bitches are taking over in Archangels: Salvation slot from NetEnt. You don’t have to choose a side either. Just sit back and enjoy the show – damnation be damned!

The eternal battle between heaven and hell

As war cries ring out across the great expanse of the celestial battlefield, two champions lead the forces of heaven and hell. The ethereal beauty of the archangel Gabriella shines brightly against the grotesquely demonic fallen angel Lucy. The war for good and evil has begun!


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The main focus of Archangels: Salvation slot is not the reels, and we’re completely okay with that. The animators at NetEnt have created stunning representations of the game’s heroines. The pair occupies no less than two-thirds of the slot’s real estate, with a skinny 6×12 slot separating them.

Heavenly blessings and a deal with the devil

In the battle for heaven and hell, you’re Switzerland. You’ll come out on top no matter who wins.

During base gameplay, the top two rows of the slot are in heaven, and the bottom two are in hell. If a wild symbol lands in either heaven or hell, its champion will activate the wild, converting other symbols on the reel into more wilds to complete winning combinations.


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If you’re looking for wins worthy of the big woman herself, though, you’re going to need to grab three or more scatter symbols to unlock between 10 and 20 free spins. During a round of free spins, heaven and hell will be extended by an additional row giving you a better chance to activate wilds and score huge wins!

Is Archangels: Salvation slot divine or demonic?

It doesn’t matter if it’s divine or demonic. Archangels: Salvation slot is exceptionally beautiful to look at and offers some exciting bonus features. It’s a great way to spend a few hours! However, the numbers do make it more difficult to recommend.

It offers a less than ideal 96.08% RTP rating with medium volatility. This would normally mean that although you might not win as often as you’d like, you’ll stand a chance to win big. However, with a maximum jackpot of just €15,000, that just isn’t the case with Archangels: Salvation slot. Despite the rather disappointing jackpot, we still think the slot is worth your time.

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