Want More Candy Monstas? You’ll Get ‘Em in Sweet Rush Megaways!

I’m a big fan of BGaming. They were bold enough to think up Elvis Frog in Vegas slot, and that kind of audacity goes a long way in my book.

Lately, it seems they’ve been on a mission to satisfy their sweet tooth, releasing two candy slots in a pretty short time – and I guess we’re just along for the ride.

The thing about BGaming’s candy slots is the relentless need to have monster characters in them. I wouldn’t usually put ‘candy’ and ‘monster’ in the same sentence… But I also didn’t dream up a rock ‘n roll frog.

So, without further ado, here’s Sweet Rush Megaways slot for your consideration.

Are those germs?

You know, I’m so tired of stereotypes. It’s the 21st century FFS. Who decided that germs should be represented as green? I’m no scientist, but Google tells me that germs are not, in fact, green.

And that makes me happy, because the main character in this BGaming slot looks very close to what I’d imagine a blue germ looking like. Except with fish-moth whiskers and mollusk-esque “limbs”.

In other words, WTF is this guy meant to be? Either way, he’s always around. Watching us in his candy factory, as creepy as Willy Wonka appears to be in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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What’s in the candy factory?

BGaming doesn’t want you to “deny yourself anything”. Only thing is, that if you don’t deny yourself of anything, then you’d likely get diabetes, rotten teeth, obesity, and that’s only on the topic of candy.

Imagine you didn’t deny yourself of the other 7 deadly sins… Interesting. Anyway, this high volatility slot is packed with Wild Symbols with Multipliers, Sticky Wilds, Free Spins, a Buy Bonus and Chance x2 feature, and of course, the mega Megaways mechanic.

This all means you could be chomping at the bit on a sugar rush of note for wins up to €259,200.


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Indulge without putting on the pounds!

Playing this 96.69% RTP game is not quite the same thing as pouring popping sherbet in your mouth, or chewing sour worms, but at least you’ll be playing with money and not pounds (actually don’t know which one is better or worse).

The Bonus Feature here is a set of Free Spins. If you want to unlock 16 free spins, you’ll need to land 6 Scatters on the reels in both the standard and Buy Bonus spin that’ll get you there.

During the bonus round, Wilds will stick to the reels to give you more bang for your buck as each spin does its thing.


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C’mon candy hounds – let’s play!

BGaming came out with Candy Monsta slot, and that was all about candy and monsters… Now they’ve released Sweet Rush Megaways slot, and that’s all about, well, candy and monsters too.

Perhaps these two names were born from one brief and the providers thought, well, we need a new game, and Sweet Rush wasn’t a bad name, and monsters are universal, so we’ll use that!