Enter the Valley of Fortunes Slot and All the Luck Shall Be Yours

If you want the big bucks you have to go to ancient Egypt and take on the pharaohs, plain and simple. By pressing spin on the epic Valley of Fortunes slot, it can lead you down the path to old treasures left behind by Ramses II, Akhenaten and the others.

Considering Tutankhamun was only 9 years old by the time he became pharaoh, perhaps he was the most likely to pull off some childish prank and keep a hidden stash of gold.

There is a €382,012.50 max win somewhere, that’s a fact and you can be the one finding it. A little faith goes a long way and the fact that all eyes are on the feature known as Racking up Riches, we would say that’s a good sign of what’s to come.

Can you step up and be at your best when it counts the most?

Secret to Success

There are few settings more spectacular than the one you will see here by High 5 Games. With a perfect view over the pyramids, the 5 reels are sitting on a steady structure with a suspicious evil-looking reel hovering above, with only black symbols. More on that later.

Colorful gems are the secret to your success and it’s the red that holds the highest value.


Play Now

Archeologists would make their way across the globe for the €382,012.50 max win so there’s no doubt that you should as well. The game has a high volatility and a 96.00% RTP that you can take advantage of.

Racking up Riches

When you light up the winged reels above with 3 symbols with the same value, you will be put in front of the pharaoh himself. In a Tetris reminiscent game play, the symbols will fall from above. You want the gems holding a value to show as they are the ones that will get you paid.

If you manage to do that, the black symbols will disappear before the next load of symbols come. The numbered symbol will fall towards the bottom when this happens.

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When you land only black symbols, your run is over. However, you will have a random shot at getting another chance, so don’t give up too soon.

Plenty of Luck

The Valley of Fortunes slot doesn’t behave like most slots, which we find refreshing, but what it comes down to is simply if there is money to be made here and that is for sure.

Luck plays a big part, as always, and we have a feeling you will have plenty of it when you spin these reels.