Gonzo’s Quest Slot Is Still Dominating the Deep Jungles of Peru

There are games that will make a big splash when they show up on the slot radar before they quickly vanish without ever being played again. This happens all the time. Then there are games that come around that greet players with great respect, provide the entertainment we are looking for and manage to stay relevant year after year. This is a throwback to the legendary Gonzo and his still very popular performance in the Gonzo’s Quest slot.

With a personality more fiery than that of his nemesis Indiana Jones and dancemoves on par with Wacko Jacko himself makes this guy easy to love. On his hunt for the city of El Dorado with only gold in mind, he will show no fear until he reaches his goal and we would all be the same if the €250,000 max win was one lucky spin away. Oh wait, it is!

Gonzo has been on this quest for a long time but it’s nice to see that people haven’t given up on him and players from all across the world are still joining him in support, convinced that he one day will find his precious gold.

In Tetris Like Fashion

Lining up bricks your own size is a dangerous pastime but Gonzo is as tough as they come. In Tetris like fashion, 5 reels will be filled and 20 paylines await the right combos in order to pay out the gold, piece by piece. The Mayans are the inspiration behind the symbols and the etchings represent the bird, alligator, fire, fish, and a snake.

You will be able to make use of scatters and wilds but it’s the crumbling sound of the winning blocks that rattles the cage. Explosions will follow before new bricks come and fill the empty spots. With each win, your multiplier increases with one step before it maxes out at x5.


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Take the Path That Leads to Free Spins

When the gods answer your prayers and give you 3 scatters, the solid brick wall will open up and a path opens up to free spin nation. During your free spins, the increased multiple with each win continues but this time it’s been injected with steroids and will increase with 3 steps and can go all the way up to 15x. Keep racking up the wins and you will notice how much this will have a pleasant effect on your win total.

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We are all waiting to see what will actually happen when he finds the golden city of El Dorado and if he is doing the moonwalk back and forward across the screen when he collects the gold after a few big wins, god help us!

This Will Put a Smile on Your Face

This is one of our favorite slots of all times and it is fun! Gonzo is such a loving character and you just want to see him happy. Wins will most likely put a smile on your face as well and if you want more, check out Slot Wars. Your progress with Gonzo will help you get points in the competition and if you can make it all the way up to the top 40 by the end of the week, there is a nice slice of €5,000 waiting for you.