Hack Wallets and Steal the Funds in Satoshis Secret Slot!

In case you’re not up to date with the cryptocurrency scene, Satoshi is the mastermind behind Bitcoin, and it’s no doubt that he is a computer whizz. Satoshi has the skills and knowledge to break virtually any encryption, meaning people’s funds aren’t safe. Now it’s your turn to go behind the scenes and learn all about Satoshi. If you get lucky, you will uncover his secrets and find ultimate riches.

So, bring your best hacking skills as we dig and delve into the techy world of Satoshi in Satoshis Secret slot, here at BitStarz!

Taking Wins to the Next Level

We absolutely love big wins, but Satoshis Secret takes these wins to a whole new level. If you’re on top hacking form, you can make off with a ton of treasure worth a cool €50,000 from a single spin. With plenty of bonus games and a funky gamble feature, you can easily turn than €50,000 into a small fortune. To gamble up those winnings, all you have to do is pick a higher card than the face up card. Be warned though, pick wrong and you lose everything!

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Guess the Password and Hack your Victims!

When you’re spinning the reels, you will notice that you can spell out words. If you guess Satoshi’s password you will gain access to all his fancy hacking tech. Now, we don’t recommend you use this password in real life as it’s a very bad password, but Satoshi’s password is QWERTY. If you can form the password on a payline, you will trigger the hacking bonus game. You will be given a list of targets, each with their own difficulty level. If you successfully hack an account, their money will be transferred to you and you can try another account. However, fail at hacking and it’s game over!

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There is a funky free spins mode you can win by gathering four of more Bitcoin symbols, giving you a chance to win even more cash. Of course, you can play Satoshis Secret with Bitcoin and fiat currencies, making it the perfect game for crypto players. Finally, as an added bonus, when you’re spinning the reels you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week and bag yourself a slice of a rather juicy €1,000!