Spin Around the World with Roulette from New Regions

Roulette is a game everyone loves, it’s a casino classic – that’s why we are taking things a step further and bringing you live roulette from a myriad of new countries in your language. By teaming up with Evolution Gaming, BitStarz Casino is hitting you with live roulette from seven new countries, each in the native language of the region. Now you don’t need to leave your living room to play in some of the most exclusive casinos around the world and indulge in local culture – just order takeout and crank up the heating for the full experience.

Let’s meet the new live tables you can enjoy!

Roulette Francophone

As you enter Roulette Francophone, the croupier will ask you “Bonjour, ça va?”. Why? Because our first stop on our roulette tour of the world is France. Roulette Francophone lets you play classic European style roulette from a live table in France – complete with a French speaking croupier. The croupier will make jokes, tell stories, and make every spin of the wheel more exciting than the last. Roulette Francophone is best enjoyed with a 2014 Bordeaux and some Camembert on crackers.

Norsk Roulette

Leave your thick coat and snow boots with the doorman as we head to Norsk Roulette. Streamed live from Norway, you will become enchanted with the wonderful Norwegian croupiers and the stories they tell. Norsk Roulette lets you play roulette on a European wheel, so start planning your strategies to take home the chips. Played entirely in Norwegian, Norsk Roulette will have you feeling like you’re on a trip of a lifetime to a suave casino surrounded by forests full of snow-covered pine trees.

Turkce Rulet 2

If you’re fluent in Turkish, or simply love to hear the Turkish language being spoken, Turkce Rulet 2 is the game for you. Beamed live from a studio in Turkey, you will be whisked away to magical paradise full of opportunity. Turkce Rulet 2 plays on a European roulette wheel and time between games is around 15 seconds – so be quick placing those complicated bets.

Suomalainen Ruletti

Take a trip over to Finland and play Suomalainen Ruletti while overlooking a quiet back river in Helsinki. In a similar theme to all the other games, Suomalainen Ruletti is played in Finnish – one of the hardest languages in the world to master by the way. Featuring a European wheel with friendly croupiers who will let their personalities shine through, you will enjoy every second you spend at the table.

Ruleta En Vivo

Spanish is the language of passion, so why not play your roulette with a passionate croupier? Ruleta En Vivo is live streamed from a stylish Spanish setting and comes with equally stylish croupiers who will on the occasion break out into a flamenco to celebrate huge wins.

London Roulette

Head over to the most lavish roulette table around town and settle in for the British humor. If the big wins on offer weren’t enough, the great jokes and stories told by the British croupiers will have you in stitches. London Roulette is packed full of action and plays on a European wheel. Hurry though, time between rounds is only around 10 seconds, so place your bets quickly.

Arabic Roulette

Finally, we end the tour around the roulette world with a few rounds on Arabic Roulette. Set in a lavish room, you will feel like a true VIP using the golden wheel. Made by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, the wheel is a classic European wheel offering a great range of bets.

No matter what language you speak, you can now play roulette in a language you understand. Feel right at home with these fantastic new roulette games and enjoy some huge wins – good luck at the tables, may the odds be in your favor!