Introducing the New BitStarz Originals Indyz Gold Game!

Hey you! Are you ready to dive into the latest BitStarz Originals with me? If so, then buckle up your virtual boots, because we’re about to venture into a twisted realm where a fearless explorer faces off monsters from our worst kinds of nightmares.

Introducing our new Indyz Gold game – inspired by Mines but pumped full of adrenaline, with win multipliers so huge, you’ll forget all about the demon-doll you’ve just had to fight to get it!

Yup, you can win up to 100,000x your bet in this horror-filled dance, courtesy of BitStarz Casino. Indyz Gold isn’t just another run-of-the-mill casino game; it’s a white-knuckle thrill ride with treasure and terror lurking around every corner.

Mines with a twist

We now know that our new game, Indyz Gold, isn’t your grandma’s board game unless she doubles up as a freak in her spare time.

It’s an explorer-themed horror adventure inspired by the ever-popular Mines game, which BitStarz Originals also has in its exclusive portfolio.

Here’s how it all works: We’ve got an 80-tile board made up of Dynamic Multipliers and Diverse Tile Types, where each step is a gamble between wealth and, well, a not-so-pleasant surprise from the depths of hell.

Yup, the monsters in our path range from ghosts who look like they’ve seen a ghost to satanic rams in a meditation session. This game’s wild!

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From traps to treasures

The aim of this high-volatility game is to grow the Coin Multiplier, which is achieved with every successful step around the board. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets; this is where the Diverse Tiles come into play.

Each tile has something unique to reveal; think treacherous traps, glittering treasures, and everything in between. One flip, and you could be rolling in dough or battling it out with Dracula and a bizarre bird-woman.

The tiles you might find hiding along your journey to multiplier madness include Coin Tiles, Empty Tiles, Hole Tiles, Trap Tiles, Treasure Tiles, and Monster Tiles – all having a specific impact on your gameplay. Especially the Monster Tiles. Just look at these guys!


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High stakes and high rewards

Complementing the exciting experience that is BitStarz Originals new Indyz Gold game, are its 3 additional features, like Monstrous Encounters, High Stakes and Rewards, and an Autobet Mode.

In the Monstrous Encounters, you’ll fight it out with a variety of monsters who make Chucky seem as adorable as a newborn goat. The monster battles are high stakes, but the rewards are even higher!

BitStarz has designed this BitStarz Originals title with all players in mind, including high rollers who prefer to place bigger bets for the ultimate payout.

Another feature that is included with players in mind, is the Autobet Mode, which offers convenience by presetting strategies and allowing for the ultimate “sit back and relax” experience.

Let’s get Indy that gold!

The BitStarz Originals new Indyz Gold game is Provably Fair, and has an RTP of 97% – cool, right?

BitStarz worked long and hard to create the perfect new game that brings fun and fear (because why not?) to your screens. That, coupled with impactful features and huge win potential, makes it a game you should definitely try out!

Take advantage of the adventure that is the new Indyz Gold game, because who knows? It could be your new favorite 😉