Investigate the Cash Noire Slot Crime Scene and Solve the Murder

Do you have an eye for details? Do you have the intelligence it takes to solve crimes? If the answer to both questions is yes, we have a job for you. We need you to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve the murder that has taken place in the Cash Noire Slot right away. There can be a juicy €206,600 max win reward for you if you can get the job done so as long as you are up for the challenge, this slot is a must play!

Avalanche wins, multiplying free spins and expanded crime zones will be your Dr Watson and help you find the clues you need to solve the case and get paid accordingly.

What do you say? Are you ready to take on the challenge and be the hero?

This Is a Game Changer

NetEnt just unleashed a game changer with their very creative murder mystery themed Cash Noire Slot. The game lures you to Cat’s Eye bar where you will find the 5 mysterious reels and 1,024 paylines. Enter the crime-ridden streets of San Cayetano and get knee-deep in an active murder case in a slot different than anything you have ever seen before. The use of avalanche wins will clear the path for you to win big with every spin.

All the clues you need, such as a magnifying glass, matches, guns, knives and a whiskey glass, will find their way onto the reels. You will also come across the 4 characters involved in the case.


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Explore the Three Exciting Features

Three exciting features can help you in your investigation and it doesn’t hurt that they can also make you a solid amount of cash.

Crime Zone – The crime zone is marked by a red pattern on the reels and this will move with every spin. Initially it will be 3 spots big, but as you find and check off clues from the list, it can increase and thereby open up for bigger wins. Look to include symbols inside the perimeter in your winning combos for better results.

Mystery Symbols – If there are no wins after a spin, the mystery symbol can transform into a random symbol. If it ends up outside the marked crime zone it will reveal a random symbol but if it lands inside the markings it will clone itself in several positions before revealing the symbol.

How to Get Your Free Spins

On your left you will see the clue list where you take steps towards the free spins with each clue you find. Once you have activated 13 clues, 6 free spins will be yours. Move around the city and pick up more spins and epic wins!

Makes You Want to Keep Playing

How fun is it to live out a childhood dream of solving crimes? Well done, NetEnt! This is the kind of slot that will make you want to keep playing so get your detective hat on and let’s see how quickly you can solve this thrilling mystery!

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