Unlock the Secrets of Totem Mystique Slot

Totem, as a word and symbol, is most often associated with First Nation civilizations in North America and Canada. South American civilizations like the Olmecs and Incas carved squared heads, but these were generally made of stone and weren’t stacked on top of each other to form a monolith. They were generally integrated into architecture. Why do I bring up this differentiation?

Well, because of Totem Mystique slot from Platipus. While the game looks great, there does appear to be some confusion between some fairly distinct cultures. Is the slot itself any good, though?

Don’t forget your bug spray

When the slot’s stacked Mystique symbols appear on the reels, they transform into a single symbol, which may create or boost winning combinations.


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Unlike most slots that have separate symbols for the wild and scatter elements of the slot, in Totem Mystique slot, one symbol pulls double duty. The golden sun symbol will act as a wild substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. Plus, if three or more golden sun symbols appear on the reels at once, a round of the slot’s free spins feature will be triggered. A round of free spins can also be triggered manually using the buy bonus feature. Three or more golden sun symbols will also result in a winning amount, with three symbols receiving 20x your bet, four receiving 50x your bet, and five 500x your bet.

The number of free spins awarded will depend on the number of golden sun symbols used to trigger the feature. Three, four, and five of these symbols will award eight, ten, and twelve free spins, respectively. During a round of free spins, any stacked Mystique symbols that appear will be nudged up or down to form a full-stacked reel. Additionally, once they appear, the Mystique symbols will become sticky, remaining on the reels for the remainder of the feature


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If stacked Mystique symbols appear on three separate reels in either the base game or during free spins, they will be transformed into golden Mystique symbols. When this happens, they will all transform into a single symbol, as usual, but this time, you will receive a payout for symbols formed from golden Mystique symbols on all ten paylines.

Is Totem Mystique slot mystical or meh?

Totem Mystique slot gives you a chance to win up to $345,180. However, to take a shot at that maximum win amount, you will have to be betting at $66 per spin, thanks to the slot’s fairly average 5,230x maximum multiplier. Betting on Totem Mystique slot starts from $0.10 per spin. The slot features high volatility and an RTP of 95.2%.

We offer no fewer than five slots with “totem” in the name, I checked. There are likely more that utilize totems in their illustrations, too. In other words, Totem Mystique had an uphill battle in its attempts to stand out from the bunch. In my opinion, the team over at Platipus didn’t succeed in this endeavor. The slot is fine, with solid graphics and some interesting bonus features. It just offers very little in the way of a unique experience. I give this one a six out of ten.

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