MEGAWAYS: What they are, how they work, and how to win

Are you scrolling through our awesome lobby of slot games and seeing one that catches your eye? Does it have the Megaways™ logo below its name but you have no idea what this means and play it anyway?

You’re not alone, players. So many slot spinners mistake Megaways Slots for regular 5-reel video slots, but let us tell you… these slots are not ordinary – they’re extraordinary!

As home to the world’s biggest and best Megaways Slots, we are delighted to take you through the Megaways motions so that you can go into your next game knowing exactly how to tackle the beast of big wins.


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What are Megaways Slots?

In short, Megaways Slots are those that offer you thousands of ways to win in a single spin. They are part of a masterfully technical network of online video slots that have taken the slot world by storm.

Megaways Slots, at first, may look like any other video slot, but the magic is in the innovative mechanic and math model working behind the scenes of these revolutionary slots. They consist of a random reel modifier, which has the ability to change the number of symbols showing on each reel at time. With this, Megaways Slots are capable of generating thousands of active paylines, therefore offering enormous amounts of ways to win.


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With regular video slots, we are used to seeing anywhere between 5 and 50 paylines – so to see thousands of paylines on the slot you’re playing is totally game-changing. The champion software provider behind the ground-breaking Megaways technology is Big Time Gaming, and many more are following suit, for your enjoyment.

How do Megaways Slots work?

In the Megaways Slots world, the concept of paylines is actually pretty old-school. ‘Ways to Win’ is the word of the day. With these slots, predicting how many paylines will be activated takes a whole lot of math work, but it is possible to do. First you’ll need to count the amount of symbols displayed on each reel, and then multiply them all together to get the number of paylines, or ways to win, on that spin – but the game should have a window that gives you this information.


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Megaways Slots also work the way they do thanks to the varying number of symbols that can land on a reel. Each spin could see between 2 to 7 symbols falling on a single reel, helping to form a fluctuating amount of winning combinations.

Other super important aspects that make Megaways Slots what they are, are their beneficial bonus features. Cascading reels, mystery symbols, and free spins all act to give you even more bang for your buck in these already win-worthy slot games.

How to win with Megaways Slots

The first thing to remember about games that appear too good to be true… is that more often than not, they’re highly volatile – and this is the case for Megaways Slots. So, the best way to start is with a low bet, because either way, these games offer great multipliers with their wins, big or small.


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With thousands of ways to win with Megaways Slots, the formula to winning is as easy as landing identical symbols on the reels. We say easy because one spin can see dozens of different symbols crash down, the chances of some similarities are not hard to come by.

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Now that you know what Megaway Slots are, how they work, and how to win with them, you’re all set to make the most of the massive winning opportunities Megaways Slots hold.

We’ve identified our 5 most popular Megaways Slots for you to enjoy, at the click of a button:

There are so many more where that came from… we have a whole category designated to our show-stopping Megaways Slots. Dive right in, and spin for the multiple wins!