Here are 3 Tips to Help You Become a Better Casino Player!

We all want to be better casino players and will do anything it takes to get there. Here at BitStarz, we all love to play casinos games, it’s why we’re here, and we spend a huge amount of time each day coming up with theories and testing them out, culminating in a massive almanack of tips and tricks that you can use as a player to become a better casino player.

So, today we’re going to share just 3 of those tips to help you become a better casino player. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your casino performance, there’s never been a better time than right now!

Let’s dive in and become better casino players!

Learn to Manage Your Bankroll

They key to being a successful casino player is to have complete control over your bankroll. You need to learn how much you should be wagering based on your bankroll size, you need to learn how to create stop loss limits and you need to learn how to follow these limits.


First up, we’re going to teach you how to pick your wager amount. Let’s say you want to play slots for 3 hours and you’ve got a bankroll of €500, you’re going to want to get the most value out of each and every spin without going bust before the 3 hours is up.

To achieve this, you need to do some quick math. The average player makes around 40 spins a minute, give or take. So, if you make 40 spins a minute for 3 solid hours, that’s a total of 7,200 spins over the course of your session. Now you want to make €500 go 7,200 spins. Simply divide your bankroll by total number of spins and bosh, that’s your max spin value, it’s €0.07 for those of you who haven’t got a calculator.

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Obviously, that presumes you’re going to love every spin for three hours, so you can safely move it up to around €0.09 without impacting your playtime too much.

Then, you need to make sure you follow stop loss limits. John Patrick, a world-renowned casino writer, calls these Naked Pulls. He recommends that you have around 9 naked pulls before you up sticks and run away, or, you play the straight 60 system. This means you play until you’re 60% up or 60% down, that’s €200 or €800, depending on how you do.

Don’t Follow Your Heart

How many of you have heard the phrase, don’t bet with your heart? Well, we mean it, don’t do it. It will only get you into a bigger hole in the long-run. The theory goes that you’re attached to a particular game and outcome because of a color, a number or some other superstition. It’s like betting on your favorite team to win a game – a bad idea.

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When you follow your heart, you stop playing objectively. And if you’re playing a game like poker or blackjack where you need to make decisions on every turn, it’s going to hurt your game. So, learn to disconnect the heart and make logical decisions – you’ll thank us when you’re banking big bucks!

Make Smart Bets

You’d be amazed how many people make silly bets like taking insurance in blackjack, doubling down on high-value hands, play the gamble feature on large wins and throw away good cards in video poker. These simply aren’t wise bets because they pay off so infrequently that you will ALWAYS lose more than you win in the long-run, period.

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So, instead of chasing after those high-odd wins, start making smart bets. If you win a good deal of money on a slot and it offers you a gamble feature, take the winnings and be happy. Sure, you could double it up, but you could also lose it all. If you’ve got a 17 in blackjack, there’s no guarantee that you’ll draw a 4. There are only 4 cards that will get you any close to 21, while there are 9 cards that will bust you – play the odds.

If you make these smarter bets, you might win smaller amounts, but in the long-run you’ll do better and win more.

That’s All Folks

These are just three tips, that if you can master, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your casino performance. You’ll see more wins, feel your bankroll getting bigger and you’ll have way more fun.

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So, do your best to master these three tips and thank us later. Stay tuned to the BitStarz blog as we’ve got lots more tips coming your way!