Is This the Best Baccarat Strategy Ever?

Baccarat is one of the most attractive casino games ever thanks to its simplicity. There are three main bets you can play, and you require no skill at all to play this game – just the brainpower to stop when you’re having a bad run of things. Now, we want to help you get ahead where possible, so we’ve been testing out a few baccarat strategies. It turns out, we’ve found that seems to work quite well, so we’re going to explain it to you.

The Bankroll

As with all baccarat strategies, they will work until they don’t. Runs of the same results aren’t uncommon in card games, so do play with a pinch of salt, and, of course, don’t play with more than you can afford to lose. First up, you’re going to need a stake to play with. We recommend about €300 to be on the safe side, but you can adjust the bet value to accommodate your type of play.

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The Stakes

When it comes to placing your bets, you’re going to follow our adjusted Martingale system as it gives you one extra bet to break even on before you go bust. Your first bet will be worth €25, or whatever you want your base bet to be. If you win, you continue with a stake of €25, but if you lose, you double it up to €50. If you win this bet, you go back to €25, or add another €25 and go up to €75 stake if you lose. Then, if you lose this, you double it up, and continue to double up until you lose. After 3 bets, you are playing just to break even – so no profits to take.

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The Plan

The plan in this baccarat strategy is to start off by betting on the same outcome as the last result. Let’s say the last result is banker, you will place your bet on banker. Then, if the banker wins you will place a bet on the opposite outcome, which in this case will be the player. However, if the player comes in rather than the banker, you will place a bet on the banker as it’s the opposite outcome. The third bet will be on the same outcome as the last result. To make things easier, the pattern you’re after is the same result, opposite result. If a tie result comes up, the bet size increases but the bet selection stays the same.

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Does it Work?

Like all strategies, they’re dependent on what cards come out of the pile. You can easily hit a bad run if the same result keeps coming up, so like we mentioned earlier, take this strategy with a pinch of salt. We’ve tested this strategy over dozens of hands and it worked for us. But, like we said, the cards could have been in our favor for this strategy.

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If you give this baccarat strategy a go and it works, do let us know. If you’ve got any ways to make it better or your own baccarat strategy, let us know on social media!