Master bonus wheel slots with this in-depth BitStarz guide

You’ve seen this legendary wheel in the most popular game shows throughout television history. Surely you’ve thrown a few coins in their direction when wandering around amusement parks or game arcades.

Perhaps you’ve scored a chocolate bar or stuffed animal for your loved one on a date, or maybe you’ve pictured yourself standing next to Pat Sajak on The Wheel of Fortune game show, spinning your way to a bright new future.

Being one of the most recognizable features in entertainment history, the bonus wheel made its first slot debut in the late ‘90s. Now, slots with bonus wheel features are among the most popular when it comes to online slot games.


These wheel slots of wonder have had many names over the years but the mechanics stay the same. Spin the wheel and wait anxiously for the needle to stop on a win – and hope it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. When it comes to thrill and excitement, slots with wheel spin bonuses come second to none.

These money wheel slots are very popular among players and game developers have come up with exciting new varieties over the years. There’s a special feeling that arises whenever you spin one of these legendary wheels. The anticipation builds as you focus your eyes on the needle and the prize, waiting for them to meet and grant your wish.

What is a bonus wheel?

It certainly doesn’t refer to the spare tyre on your car. These features are found in slots with money wheel bonuses and usually they’re included as special features that can be triggered with a certain combination of symbols or by ways specified in the game rules.

When this feature is triggered, you’ll have the opportunity to spin the wheel for extra features, bonuses, or credit wins. Some online slot games with bonus rounds on the other hand, are played using only a bonus wheel, such as Magic Wheel slot.


Unlocking this feature when playing wheel slots will see the adrenaline surging through your body as you realize that bigger wins are on their way. Sometimes slots with wheel spin features also include jackpots, bonus rounds, and free spins as prizes – which just goes to show how powerful these wheels really are.

Why are bonus wheels so popular?

Easy question! The rewards can be life-changing. And if you combine these big prizes with the absolute thrill and excitement of spinning a bonus wheel, then you have a winning feature!

Many bonus money wheel slots include jackpots that can only be won when unlocking the bonus rounds that include this money-making wheel. And when the progressive jackpots get high, the jackpot hunters descend on the wheels to make their fortunes in these slot bonus rounds.

How to get a chance at spinning the wheel

Triggering this slot bonus round could be challenging at times, and would depend on the requirements in the game rules. In most cases, the Scatter or Bonus symbols would unlock this feature, but this is not always the case.


Of course, the faster you can get to the bonus wheel, the better, and sometimes the volatility of these wheel slots can have a huge effect on this. Luckily, you have a few friends at BitStarz to give you the pointers.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of how to trigger this feature in some of our popular slots with wheel spin at BitStarz.

88 Lucky Fortune slot – This slot is a great example of a task-based bonus wheel feature. Landing a bonus cat symbol on all 5 reels will trigger the bonus wheel, where a possible 20 free spins await.

Hot Spin Deluxe slot – Here you need to land 3 bonus symbols before paying a visit to the Hot Spin wheel. The possible wins include bonuses and free spins, which can all help you land the major wins waiting in this hot slot.

Big Win 777 slot – Randomly triggered booster spins can unlock a bonus mode called Chance. Here, you get to spin the bonus wheel for an astounding 777x multiplier that could blow your mind – depending on the size of your bet of course.

These slots bonus rounds include some incredible prizes and are not to be missed, especially if you want to master playing bonus wheel slots.

Get the wheels turning for unbelievable prizes

If you’re a fan of wheel slots you’re in the right place. We have tons of slots with wheel spin bonuses in our vast selection of slots at BitStarz. Looking for the right one? Try some of these. They’ll get you into the spirit of winning big in no time.

Wishing Wheel slot – 3 Bonus symbols will trigger this bonus wheel. After that, the wheel can be triggered at random during any spin to award one of its outstanding features or credit prizes.

Show Master slot – There are plenty of juicy goodies up for grabs on this bonus wheel. Meet the game show host that will get you hyped for wins – and even spin the bonus wheel for you.

Western Reels slot – Here’s a traditional bar and fruit slot for those who love the classics. The bonus wheel will spin with the reels every round to award multipliers and free respins. It’s a great way to go if you’re looking for an easy slot with multiplied payouts.

The Wild Machine slot – The bonus wheel in this slot consists of 30 sections where you can make it big with instant credit awards or free spins. As many as 5 prizes can be won in a single same spin

Spin the life-changing wheels of fortune at BitStarz today!

You’re going to have a wheel good time with these bonus features – guaranteed! We can’t say how many players have become rich off these money-maker wheels, but you can certainly add yourself to the list with all the inside info you’ve just gained.


We’ve shown you a few of the slots with wheel spin bonus games that are packed with fun and waiting to be spun. Jackpots, free spins, and mega-credit wins are falling from wheel slots at this very moment. And you’re still here reading this. Get the wheels turning at BitStarz today and keep the good times rolling!