devil's number slot review

It’s a devil of a game – play Devil’s Number to win €125,000!

Ah, the Devil’s Number. Most people have heard Roulette referred to as the Devil’s Game, due to the fact that the numbers on the table add up to 666 (it’s the sum of the first 36 natural numbers). But did you know that a 1,700-year-old fragment of papyrus, taken from the Oxyrhynchus site in Egypt, proclaimed this most infamous of numbers to be 616? Guess that’s what inflation gets you!

Not all cultures are wary of these three digits, though. The Chinese consider 666 to be an auspicious number. The question facing us is – will the 5×4 reel, 30-payline slot game, Devil’s Number, bring us smooth slots action? Read on to find out more.

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Heavy metal heaven

Land on the lobby of Devil’s Number and you’d be excused for thinking you’re in Heavy Metal heaven. Proudly emblazoned against a backdrop of red flames is the Devil’s Number. Adding to the drama is the phrase – “Reveal the secret of the Beast.”

Hit the “Play” button and you’ll be greeted by the reels, decorated with a horned skull. Behind it, is what appears to be a passage festooned with ancient texts on either side. On the floor is a witch’s magic circle with our unholy numbers taking pride of place.

To the left of the reels is the latest jackpot information (these get updated in real-time) and the sound effects are unsurprisingly sinister. Hit a payline and you’ll be rewarded with some heavy metal riffs. Hit a Free Spin and hear the guttural chuckle of some unseen, malevolent force.

The symbols are all spellbooks, scrolls, cauldrons and potion bottles. Look out for a gold “9” which is a special symbol. If you land three gold 9’s, these will invert (and you know what that means) and trigger the Free Spin round, which will award you with 12 spins. If you land a further 3 gold 9’s during the Free Spins, you’ll be given a further 6 Free Spins as a bonus.

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Dance with the devil

Other interesting elements of Devil’s Number are the Symbol Remover and Symbol Upgrade features. The Symbol Upgrade appears randomly when there’s a win line of high-paying symbols. When this happens, the 666 in the witches circle start to burn and the symbol for the current spin gets upgraded (which means they pay more).

The Symbol Remover feature takes place similarly to the above, but just with low-paying symbols. This time, the Mark of the Beast under the reels can remove the symbol after paying. This will then set you up for a cascading win.

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The Devil’s Number holds all the luck!

Playing Devil’s Number is a highly entertaining way to spend your time. While some might consider the theme a little edgy, it’s for sure different and stands out against a sea of Egyptian and Viking-themed games.

Add to this the Symbol Remover and Upgrade features and a high volatility, and you could find yourself wallowing in some unholy riches. All hail the Devil’s Number. If you enjoy these sinister themes, then check out Devil’s Heat, Devil’s Fruits and Lil Devil.