Redeem your riches with wicked wins in 7 Sins slot!

Here’s an adult game if there ever was one! These lustful ladies from 7 Sins slot are out for a night on the town, and by the looks of things, it’s business as usual. This slot sees seven beautiful ladies of the night competing for your attention. Yes, it may seem we are jumping to conclusions here, perhaps they are just some regular girls out and about looking for a good time.

Let’s have a look at this enticing slot from Play’n Go Games and you’ll be able to make your own conclusion as to the motives of these harlot-esque female characters.

The seven sinful ladies

Each of these ladies has a sinful character trait related to their image. And each one is named after one of the seven different sins in the game. Greed is dressed in gold clinching on to jewelry like she’s never seen before. And Lust? Well, you’ll recognize this seductress straight-away. Here’s a clue: The word starts with boo and ends with bees – make what you will of that.

Lady Wrath is up next, and she’s furious. She might look very frightening, but Wrath is the third highest paying symbol in the slot so it seems she has a gentle side to her as well


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Gluttony seems to be devouring some sort of delicious pastry so let’s leave her at that. Envy represents her sin dressed in green and looking at you with wanting eyes. Sloth… not the slow animal but the sinful beauty is laying about looking hopeless and lazy. Her hair is untidy and well… she’s just a mess.

Last but not least is Vanity. She continuously stares into her mirror, adjusting her hairstyle and admiring her own pretty face.

Now you’ve heard about the ladies, let’s get to the features!

Redemption lies in this amazing feature with second chances

Our Wild in the slot is represented by the lucky 7 symbol. This symbol plays Wild for all others except for the Scatter. You will also notice a double 7 Wild which has the brilliant function of acting as two Wild symbols adjacent to each other on the reels.

Now we get to a very exciting bonus round. The Scatter symbol looks like a gold jewelry box with a demonic face on the front. If you manage to get only two of these boxes scattered on the reels, you will trigger the Second Chance Feature.


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Once this happens, all seven ladies will be displayed in a row and you get to pick which one will turn around and reward you with an awesome prize. You could find your chosen sinful lady revealing the third Scatter symbol which will then trigger the Free Spins Bonus. She could also reward you with a credit win of up to 15x your bet – cha-ching baby!

If you don’t believe in second chances you better start now because this feature comes in very handy considering the high volatility in this slot. You may be spending some time getting to know these ladies and their immoral ways as you await big payouts. But the Second Chance Feature could have you pocketing some bucks in the meantime.

Free spins through the seven sins

As three Scatter symbols land on any position in the reels, you unlock the Free Spins Bonus! Here you will be playing seven free spins, with each spin featuring only one of the seven scandalous ladies. Each spin will be played with a different sin until you have played through all seven sins.

The center reel will be covered with a full image of whichever lady you’re playing with, and your winnings will be multiplied by 7x your bet throughout these spins. The 94.23% RTP will see your investment with these ladies returning as this huge multiplier hurls the wins your way!.

7 Sins and plenty of ways to win!

7 Sins slot is a truly enjoyable casino game with all the bells and whistles. It seems so wrong yet feels so right at the same time. Considering all the unique features you’ll certainly be having a wicked time. Not to mention the Second Chance Bonus that will definitely keep the credit meter stable. These ladies of the night will catch your attention with the gifts they have to offer. Take advantage of this unrighteous opportunity now, the rewards are worthy of redemption!