Wins Are Going to the Moon in Blockchain Megaways Slot

May has been a hard month for the crypto market. But for the HODL crowd, this is the perfect time to buy the dip and ride that wave all the way to the Moon! And while you’re waiting for the upswing, why not enjoy a few spins of a brand new crypto-themed slot?

Yes, Booming is out with something new to get us through the hard times with Blockchain Megaways slot. But is it any good?

Are you ready to enter the blockchain?

In 1995 the movie Hackers came out. It was one of Angelina Jolie’s first films and it became a rallying call for the online counterculture, much Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies over the last decade. That’s not the reason I bring up the movie, though.


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During one of the scenes in this 90s classic, there is a visual representation of the digital world with skyscrapers of text representing individual servers. This scene, consciously or unconsciously, seems to have been the inspiration for the backdrop of Blockchain Megaways slot, and it’s great!

On the reels themselves, the slot features the logos of four of the biggest cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and, of course, the world’s favorite shitcoin, Dodgecoin. The slot also has the symbols of fiat currencies, but, rather hilariously, they are all featured as low-paying symbols in the slot. So, if you’re looking for big wins, you’re going to have to invest in crypto!

How to make the market work for you

Like a shitcoin waiting to make a lucky few millionaires, Blockchain Megaways slot has a lot more going on than it initially appears to. You think it just offers a wild symbol and free spins, but there are bonus features waiting around every spin.

Let’s start things off with the Megaways feature. During any spin, the symbols in each reel can range from just two all the way up to seven symbols high. This means that on any spin, you could be playing for a staggering 200,704 ways to win!


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In both the base game and during free spins, gold coins with random cash values will appear on the reels. If these symbols appear with a collect QR code symbol, the sum of all the random cash values will be awarded.

Then we have the mystery symbol. This is a great homage to the mysterious creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. When these symbols appear on the reels, they will all transform into a single random symbol for a shot at big wins.

The slot also has a round of 10 free spins that are unlocked with four or more scatter symbols. Once triggered, you’ll start off with a 1x win multiplier. With each win you hit during free spins, you’ll add an additional 1x multiplier giving you a chance to score huge multiplier wins! Additionally, if you manage to grab four or more scatter symbols during your round of free spins, you’ll get an additional five free spins added to your total.

If you’re not willing to wait for a round of free spins, you can manipulate the market worse than Citadel by purchasing a round of free spins. But beware, those big trading firms don’t like to be outfoxed and you may find yourself paying more for a round of free spins than the winnings you’ll get in return.

Is Blockchain Megaways slot going to the Moon or slipping into the red?

I was apprehensive about this one. Crypto-themed slots are often surface-level, offering very little in the way of interesting game mechanics and graphics. Not so with Blockchain Megaways slot, however. The slot offers some fantastic graphics and a ton of interesting game mechanics that kept me coming back again and again. It also offered several sly nods to those in the know that I found really fun!

Things look great when you look at the books too. The slot does have high volatility, but with that huge 40,320x max multiplier, you can chase the €241,920 max win betting at just €6 a spin. Plus, that 96.5% RTP rating means that you can count on some fairly consistent returns if you’re willing to stick it out.

If you’re looking for a few other crypto-inspired slots, I recommend giving Satoshi’s Secret a try.