Take a Swing at These Belatra Slot and Wait for the Grand Reward

Fruit, monsters and a whole bunch of cash is on the menu with these epic slots from Belatra Games. They are a lot of fun but they also come packing quite a bit of heat in terms of payouts so take a swing at them and see what kind of grandiose wins you can put in your pockets!

Lucky Bank Robbers

All the money in the bank comes served on a silver platter for you in the Lucky Bank Robbers slot. We have all thought about pulling off a bank robbery at some point in our lives but luckily there are different options where you don’t need to risk your life or being incarcerated, as you can pull off the job by winning big in a slot like this one. If you feel like you still need to wear a disguise like a ski mask and gloves, then by all means do so. The reward could be a jackpot of 5,000,000 coins!

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New York

Let’s take a trip to Manhattan and check out the latest temptation in the New York slot. As expected, this slot is full of glamour mixed with beautiful people, skyscrapers, drinks and of course a ton of bling. The Big Apple is the epicenter of a lot of things and to your advantage, it holds a ton of free spins. The number can reach all the way up to 100 to be exact.

It’s the city that never sleeps and why should they when you can stay up all night spinning lucrative free spins!


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The Moneymania

There is a ton of money to be made out there and you can get your hands on quite a bit of it through The Moneymania slot. Banknotes and presidents go hand in hand and you will experience it first hand today. The 3 jackpots will be staring you in the face while you spin the reels and try to add up the perfect combinations in order to get them. Torn dollar notes are worth much more than you would think so we highly recommend you go look for them in this game and find out for yourself.


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7 Fruits

A fresh fruit cocktail of fun is what we can call the 7 Fruits slot. Both fruit and sevens are classic symbols in slots and they are all out to play today. Cherries are the powerhouse in this slot and work as the scatter and regardless of what reel the symbol appears on, it will get you a win. This might just be our new favorite fruit!


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It’s interesting how everyone is afraid of monsters although nobody has ever really seen one. The many urban legends have done it’s fair share of scaring people but the ones you are about to meet in the J.Monsters slot, don’t have the scary qualities, if you know what we mean. Fingers crossed they might land you some scary big wins!


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Become a Slot Wars Champion

Make sure you check out Slot Wars while you play these games and you can land a nice piece of the €5,000 pie at the end of each week when you get your name in the top 40!