Learn How to Take Your Free Spins to the Next Level!

Honestly, free spins are the best. They’re like winning the lottery and the gateway to taking home some of the biggest wins imaginable. Virtually all of the big wins we’ve seen this year have come from free spins, a statistic that makes many people wonder where they’re going wrong when they win free spins.

Want to learn how to unlock the full power and potential of free spins? Well, you’re in the right place!

First Up, Get Back to Basics

There are two main types of free spins, and it’s crucial to fully understand the difference between the two. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re ready to dive in to the more advanced ways to utilize these delicious spins. Free spins awarded as bonuses for depositing or signing up are usually locked to the minimum bet level, whereas free spins you win are tied to the bet level you were playing at when you won them. This is a small but key difference that you need to understand if you’re going to ace free spins mode and break the bank.

Play at Higher Bet Levels

This might seem counterproductive as the higher your bet level, the faster you burn through your bankroll. However, if you play free spins at a low bet level, you’re going to get free spins at that level. While you might be able to play hundreds of rounds before your bankroll empties, you’re also limiting the cash you can win. Free spins often pays out the big bucks, so don’t be afraid to go big. The higher your bet level in the base game, the higher the rewards you get in free spins, it’s simple really.

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Pick Modes Carefully

Some free spins will let you pick the path you wish to take. This in turn can mean you can win more cash, but there his higher risk, or you can win a little less, but it’s more likely to happen. These choices aren’t available on all games, but when the option is there, don’t rush and pick. Take your time and think carefully about the options you face. Weigh up the benefits and negatives of each choice and see which fits with your game plan better. That being said, we’ve gone for safer options and won very little and gone for high risk options and won crazy amounts – so, pick carefully!

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Free spins are the holy grail of slots, and they can be the difference between a mega win and an itty-bitty win. Make sure you’re using these tips to take full advantage of free spins mode and take home more cash than you can carry!