Learn How to Win Big in Online Blackjack at BitStarz

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games around thanks to its relatively quick rounds and huge winning potential. You might be sat there, thinking to yourself “I wish I could win big at online blackjack like that BitStarz player did” and we don’t blame you for doing so – after all, who doesn’t want an extra $720,192 in their pockets? So, we’re going to help you out.

We’ve watched the replays over and over again to figure out the very best way to play online blackjack and maximize your chances of success.

If you want to win big at online blackjack like one lucky player did this week, read on!

Pay Attention

This might seem a little obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who throw down a few chips and let the game go on, hitting re-bet constantly and playing in autopilot mode. This is damaging your maximum win potential, as you’re missing out on key gameplay patterns. When you flip a coin 50 times, you’re going to get runs of heads and tails. The same is true for runs of good and bad hands in blackjack. If you notice you’ve had a couple of bad hands, you can lower your bets to minimize losses during this cold period. Similarly, if you notice you’re on a hot streak, you can increase your bet size to capitalize on the good form you’re having. So, turn the TV off, ignore any distractions, and focus on your next hand.

Fewer Decks Are Better

Root around the selection of live blackjack tables to find the table using the least amount of decks possible. If you’re playing via a live dealer, fewer decks means fewer cards to keep track of, meaning that counting cards is much easier. However, if you’re playing a game against the house in an animated game of blackjack, the deck is reshuffled after every hand. That being said, fewer decks still means the dealer has less chance of landing a better hand than you.

If you’re just starting out in the blackjack world, fewer decks make it easier to learn the ropes and gives you more time to think as the dealer is forced to shuffle or load a new deck. One deck games are very rare to find, but there are a few tables out there running them.

Use the Oscar System

There are hundreds of different blackjack systems out there, but the Oscar system works wonderfully well. The focus of the system is to win a chip. Whenever you win a hand, increase your stake by one chip. If you lose a hand, play the same amount again. This protects you from chasing your losses and maximizes your chances of hitting a hot streak and winning big. In addition to this, cash out at the end of every session and start again by depositing a fresh amount the next time you want to play. This helps you take profits off the table and not lose everything you worked hard to win!

Using these tips, you too can become a BitStarz big winner. So, put your new tips to the test and rumble the blackjack tables – we’re rooting for you!