A Beginners Guide to the World of Free Spins!

Free spins are a casino player’s best friend, and here at BitStarz there is no shortage of these magical spins. There are several types of free spins, so we’re going to run you through each type, how to get them and how to use them, putting you back in the driving seat and helping you win more often thanks to free spins.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the incredible word of free spins, starting with the different types on offer here at BitStarz!

There are Free Spins and Free Spins – Learn the Difference

Here at BitStarz you can get your hands on free spins one of two ways. Either get free spins as a bonus, whether it’s from depositing or creating an account, or you can get them in game by landing enough scatter symbols. Bonus free spins, those are the ones BitStarz gives you for depositing on certain days and for creating your account, will be for a set game and require activating from your BitStarz account. The in-game free spins are won and are instantly activated through a fun and exciting mode created by developers. It’s worth noting that free spins don’t count towards a good deal of promotions, so take this into consideration if you want to win Slot Wars or the latest level up adventure.

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Getting Bonus Free Spins

Before you ask, we don’t give out free spins for just any occasion. If it’s your birthday, speak to our live chat support heroes and they might give you a tasty birthday treat. Alternatively, wait for Wednesday Free Spins or create your BitStarz account for the first time. These free spins are super epic and won’t cost you a cent – most of the time. They will be played at the minimum spin value on a set game. The game these spins are for will be listed in the Bonuses page on your BitStarz account. If you need a hand activating them we have a handy guide for that too – we promise it’s really easy.

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Winning Free Spins is Extra Fun

Everything tastes better when it’s free, so what better way to land some crazy big wins than win in-game free spins. These are triggered by landing three or more scatters on most games. Once you land the scatter requirements, you will likely be taken to a secondary playing area where extra bonuses and new artwork will likely feature, giving you a more enjoyable gaming experience. These free spins cannot be credited by BitStarz, and they’re played at your current bet value.

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Free spins make the world go around, and there is no better feeling than having some free spins on your account. So, make sure you stay tuned for Wednesday Free Spin and load up on the fun – what better way to get over hump day. There isn’t long to go until Wednesday is here, so spin the reels and try and win some in-game free spins to tide you over!