Major Millions Jackpot Is Closing in on €2.5 Million!

The jackpots are the bread and butter of our industry and BitStarz are super happy we can offer our players so many slots that will give you chance after chance to bag one of the biggest progressive jackpots, giving you that life changing amount of money! With Mega Moolah about to skyrocket through the €10 million mark, players are lining up to be the one to cash in.

Because of the Mega Moolah phenomenon, it’s easy to forget about other jackpot games, such as Major Millions slot, that is sniffing around the areas of a monstrous €2.5 million! Sure, the Mega Moolah is pure gigantic in size but cashing in €2.5 million would change anybody’s life.


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All You Need Is One

One of the things that sets Major Millions apart from other progressive jackpot slots is the fact you can give yourself a minor heart attack by smashing this jackpot in one single spin. Often there is a set of wins you need to get in order to even have a shot at the jackpot but in this game, just land 5 Major Millions logo symbols on the 15th payline and your life will change forever! Let us repeat that… all you need is one spin!

This Could Be the Biggest Ever

The biggest win in Major Millions history was a cool €2.8 million and considering the level it is at right now, we can very well see a new record being set! Just how badly do you want to be the one setting it? You may want to hurry up and get in there, as after the jackpot has been paid out, the game automatically resets at €250,000.

A Hometown Parade

Since the games launched in 2009, a ton of players have pocketed these explosive payouts and sifting through the data has shown us how the average time between the wins are 6 weeks and 5 days, which is barely any time at all. We can feel the vibration in the air every time a player presses the spin button as we are getting closer and closer to another earth shattering payout!

The game is ripe and one lucky player is blissfully unaware of the fact that his or her life is about to change. We can’t promise your hometown will throw you a big fat parade in celebration, but the fact is that someone will win it and soon. It may as well be you!