Take flight with big wins and bonuses in the funtastic Birds slot

Did you know that birds are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs? It’s a fact. However, when playing Birds slot you would never imagine this to be true as these cute little birds show no resemblance to gigantic reptilians whatsoever. But then again, these are little cuddly cartoon birds so we understand why they are so absolutely adorable.

Here we have a chance to explore the world of birds from a different perspective. Ever wondered what happens between birds on a wire? Well here’s your chance to find out. These delightful birdies will have you giggling with excitement as they swoop in and out of the reels in a feathery flock of pure joy.

Let’s perch alongside these enchanting little birds for a peek and a peck at what this amusing slot from Betsoft Games has to offer.

Birds of a feather WIN together

The reels in this slot are far from ordinary. Here you will find three telephone lines for the birds to perch on as they fly in from the left. This is a nice touch and steers away from the common reel design found in most slot games. Watching the birds fly in and perch on the reels is one of the most exciting events in this slot. It seems as though they haven’t practiced the choreography all that much and swoop in looking very confused as to which position they will land on.


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The goal is to match up three identical birds on the reels. They can be positioned above, below, or adjacent to each other. Once three or more birds are matched up, you will receive your payout. The matched birds will then take flight from the reels as the remaining birds will reposition themselves by dropping down onto the empty positions. New birds will then fly in to fill the open positions. This process continues until there are no more winning combinations, and a new flock of birds will fly onto the reels.

Hatch a free flight with tumbling birds

At the bottom of the reels, you will notice a meter. This meter fills up as birds fly off the reels after winning combinations have been paid out. You will need the birds to fly away four times for the meter to fill. Once this happens, you’ve unlocked the Free Fly Feature.

If the birds fly off four times during your spin, you will receive 8 free rounds. If they fly away 5 times you will get 12 rounds free and if they fly off 6 times during your spin, you’ll be flapping your wings with joy as 20 free rounds will be awarded!


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If you’re lucky enough for the birds to fly off seven times, 14 free rounds will be awarded along with the amount of triggering free flights. This means you have already been coining the wins during your spin and even more payouts are coming your way.

The high volatility will see big wins perched on the reels if you hang in there so don’t fly away too quickly. More free rounds can be awarded during the free games with no limit, so make sure you get those birds flapping their wings and send them on their way.

The early bird catches the WIN!

Another bonus is the option to gamble your winnings after every winning spin. Flip a coin and choose heads or tales to double your winnings! If your credits have been declining for a few spins then this option will come in handy once you’ve won a round or two. Especially if you factor in the 96.48% RTP of this slot.

Birds slot is certainly one to try out. The graphics are well-designed and will keep you entertained as you play. The little birds have so much personality with the animated movements they make while perched on the reels. Free spins swoop in after winning combos disappear. Gamble your winnings after every spin to multiply your credits. This egg-citing slot holds all the features you’ll need to make it big and fly higher than ever before.