Ring the Doorbell and Join the Party in the Epic Birthday! Slot

Every single day is somebody’s birthday so why not give everyone a chance to celebrate it whenever they want! ELK Studios must have had the same thought in mind when creating and releasing their balloon-poppin’ Birthday! slot.

There is a juicy €250,000 hidden among the piles of presents but that’s not even half of it. You will never be able to call this birthday party boring as there is way too much going on. Happy spins, unlimited free spins, sticky and walking wilds are just some of the gifts brought by the guests at the party and whenever the doorbell rings, you can expect even more.

Actually, that’s the doorbell right now. You may want to get that!

Lots of Familiar Faces

If you are familiar with ELK Studios, you will recognize a lot of the guests. The VIP-style party takes place in a bar in New York with some of your closest slot friends attending. Wild Toro, Mr Lake and the rest are there to make sure everyone is having a blast spinning the 5 reels and 178 paylines.

In a room filled with balloons, cake, flowers and tasty drinks, you are in for some guaranteed fun!


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At a party like this, the €250,000 max win is just a bonus and as soon as you walk through the door, you will see gift bags with a 5,000x multiplier and 96.30% RTP. Security has to be tight so you can expect a medium volatility keeping things from getting out of hand.

Make Sure You Answer the Door When It Rings

You need to stay alert because when the doorbell rings, you don’t want to miss it. Guest after guest will want to join the party and who are we to say no. The Happy Spins feature is randomly triggered and all five familiar ELK Studios faces will of course bring their own personal gift of entertainment in the shape of respins.

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  • Camel – Your respins will continue until you’ve reached between 3-5 wins.
  • Mr Lake – Let the respins get you a 5-of-a-Kind win.
  • Electric Sam – Collect as many of the chosen symbols as possible, sticky and electrified.
  • Matador – Get a winning combination with the help of the matador’s selected symbol.
  • Anne Bonny – She will not give up until you get a win worth at least 15x your sake.

Getting Sticky With It

Legendary Blooper wants to pull his weight and can therefore supply you with both sticky and walking wilds.

On any given spin, you may see up to three walking wilds be placed on the reels. These guys will move one step to the left with each spin until they reach the end and disappear.

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The sticky wilds can also show up randomly and stay there until your respins are over and done with.

Let them join the party as you lean back while they make you some money!

What About Free Spins?

There’s no party without free spins and when Maggie shows up, she’ll bring 10 of them for you. She can come back and get you another 10 whenever she feels like and since you don’t say no to Maggie, there is no limit to how many free spins you may get.

Happy Birthday

Even if it’s not your actual birthday, it will feel like it when playing this game. These guys are really putting in an effort into throwing you an amazing party so soak it in, enjoy it to the fullest and make sure to put your presents to use right away.

Until then, happy birthday!