Make the Right Choice and Play the Hot Choice Deluxe Slot

Every minute of the day we are faced with choices. Some of them can be difficult while others are a no-brainer. Whatever they are, your decisions are what has gotten you to this point in life and turned you into who you are. One thing you should know about BitStarz is that we are not here to make things more difficult for you, au contraire, which is why we are bringing you the Hot Choice Deluxe slot.

The name on its own makes you want to go nuts on the reels. Hot Choice Deluxe, man that’s a spicy name! Serving up a max win of €140,000 plus a 14,000x multiplier doesn’t make things any less appealing so it looks like this choice has already been made for you and it’s a hot one!

These Reels Are a Force to Be Reckoned With

There are fruit machines and then there are fruit machines. When Amatic made the decision to add the Hot Choice as the scatter, it took the slot from being extremely basic to becoming a force to be reckoned with. Lemons, oranges, cherries and the rest of the old classics are all here ready to work and get you the max win!


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Get the Fiery Bonus Spins

Are these reels on fire or what? When you can land 3 or more of the Hot Choice scatter you will trigger the bonus spins. If you are looking to make money, this is where you want to be. You have the chance to select how many spins you want and which bonus multiplier you would like.

This might be the most difficult decision you will have to make in this game and since whatever choice you make is a win-win, you have nothing to lose. See how easy life can be?

These are your choices:

  • 6 Spins + 9x multiplier
  • 10 Spins + 5x multiplier
  • 15 Spins + 3x multiplier

Play the bonus round and rack up the wins until you have no bonus spins left. All your bonus wins will be multiplied with whatever multiplier you chose.

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Whatever Your Heart Desires

Whether you enjoy dipping your toes in fruit machines like this or if you would rather dive head first into other types of games, you will find whatever your heart desires in our game lobby. Now get out there and become one with the Hot Choice Deluxe slot!