Strap In for a Jump Scare or Two with Cursed Crypt Slot

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in almost pristine condition. It was an incredible discovery. Then, mysterious deaths of individuals involved in the dig started to occur, and the legend of the curse of Tutankhamun was born. And since the story already seems ripped from the pages of a paperback, it’s no wonder it has inspired all kinds of spooky stories since.

With the release of Cursed Crypt slot, Hacksaw has put its own spin on the curse of Tutankhamun.

Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of underpants

During both base game play and during the slot’s free spins feature, Cursed Reels symbols can appear. When they do, they spread upwards, turning every symbol above it into the same random symbol. The base game also features a wild feature that won’t be affected by the Cursed Reels feature and will substitute for other symbols to complete or boost winning combinations.


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With the appearance of three of the slot’s scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll trigger a round of the slot’s Wrath of Sobek free spins feature. You will be awarded ten free spins, and the chance of landing Cursed Reels symbols will increase for the duration of your road trip. 

Four or more scatter symbols will trigger a round of the slot’s Tomb of Tutankhamun free spins feature. During this upgraded round of free spins, the Cursed Reels symbols will only fill the position above with either high-paying or wild symbols. 


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If you’re not keen on the idea of getting sand in your shoes, you can select to purchase a round of either free spins feature instead of waiting to trigger them the old-fashioned way.

Is Cursed Crypt slot the horror title we’ve been waiting for?

With a 10,000x max multiplier on offer, Cursed Crypt slot gives you a shot at bagging $350,000 in winnings as long as you’re betting at the $35 a spin maximum. Betting does, however, start at just $0.10 a spin. The slot features variable volatility between medium and high and offers an RTP of 96.22%.

Cursed Crypt slot is near perfect. The character, background, and slot element illustrations are fantastic. On that basis alone, this is an eleven out of ten slot. It’s just sensational to look at. The bonus features don’t do much to dampen my hype about this game, either. They’re great and well-themed, which I think is the mark of a good slot. I have a small complaint, though. The graphics are such a great basis for a horror-themed slot, but it never really gets there. There’s a moment when you trigger a round of free spins when everything goes near black apart from lightning and the glowing eyes of the protagonist. It’s such an engaging and creepy moment. I just wish there were more of those moments. There are far too few horror-themed slots and even fewer that actually nail the genre. This comes so close. It’s for that reason that Cursed Crypt gets a nine and a half out of ten.

If you’re looking for a few other horror-themed Hacksaw slots to try out, I recommend Rotten and Immortal Desire.