Meet the Crew and Knock Over Big Wins in Dead Riders Trail Slot

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the real-life Hells Angels or the fictional Song of Anarchy, the average sedan-driving working dad has always had a strange draw to the freedom of a motorcycle gang. It’s like a moth to one of those blue electricity things that kill them. I always thought that spending that much time on a motorcycle can’t be good for the gentleman’s region. Plus, it may just be me, but they always seem like they need a bath or maybe even several baths. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of those guys, imagine the stench!

Now that I’ve sold the outlaw motorcycle life to you, give Relax Gaming’s new Dead Riders Trail slot a try and enjoy the life without the crotch rash and absence of soap.

The rap sheet

Dead Riders Trail slot is the second in what looks like will be a new Relax Gaming series. The first was Dead Mans Trail, which was released in September 2021.

Although many of the features from the original are present, including the title Trail Bonus, Dead Rider Trail slot adds significantly more meat to the slot with a free spins feature and a jackpot wheel bonus round. This sets up an interesting development road for Relax. If they manage to keep the same level of progress up for the next slot in the series, we may have something groundbreaking on our hands.

Head out to the highway

Here’s an impressive stat about Dead Riders Trail slot—it has 46,656 ways to win! That’s a staggeringly large number when some slots have just 10 paylines. And that’s just the start.


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As is becoming a common feature in slots, Dead Riders Trail slot has cascading reels. This feature goes by many names, although Relax Gaming doesn’t seem to have given theirs its own name. The feature removes symbols that are involved in winning combinations with new symbols dropping down to give you multiple chances to win.

Now that we’ve got the basics out the way, let’s talk about the array of bonus features offered by Dead Riders Trail slot. All features are unlocked via the Feature Wheel which in turn is triggered with the destruction of all stone blocks on the reel. Once this happens, you’ll have a chance to spin the wheel for a chance to win free spins, a Bonus Trail round, or a Super Bonus Trail round.

Unbelievably, the slot’s free spins round is really just an added extra. Each round of free spins comes with the chance to activate a bomb feature. The feature is triggered when a bomb symbol is adjacent to any winning combination. Once activated, the bomb will explode transforming everything on that reel into the same symbol. Unlike in the base game, destroying all stone blocks in free spins will only award three additional spins and will not unlock a Feature Wheel spin.

If you’re looking for that 50,000x mas multiplier, however, the Bonus Trail feature is the one you’ll want to unlock. During a Bonus Trail round, you will move between one and six positions per turn. With each turn, you’ll use up one of three fuel cans. Once you have no fuel cans left, your round will be over. However, you also have the chance to pick up extra fuel cans along the way for a shot at extending your round.


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As you make your way around the course, you’ll land on a range of tiles. The standard multiplier tile will just add the amount displayed to your multiplier total. Then you’ve got the silver and gold trucks. If you manage to land on one of these, you can unlock a number of other features which include larger multipliers and a feature that increases the value of some of the multipliers on the course. The two most impressive features are Collect All which will collect every multiplier on the course and add it to the total, and Persistent Two-Knife which adds a value of 50x to 200x a normal tile every turn.

The silver truck will give you a shot at any of the Bonus Trail features. If you land on a gold truck, however, you’re guaranteed one of three Persistent bonuses or the Collect All bonus.

Then there is the Super Bonus Trail. This feature is basically exactly the same as the Bonus Trail except the silver truck positioned closest to the start is replaced by a gold tuck, this gives you a much higher chance of triggering the higher-tier features.

If you’re 200 spins into a session and still waiting on a bonus feature, you can choose to buy a bonus. Dead Riders Trail slot bonus buy feature allows you to purchase a Feature Wheel spin, a Bonus Trailer round, or even a Super Bonus Trail round.

Is Dead Riders Trail slot DOA or FTW

As soon as that cinematic intro for Dead Riders Trail slot started playing I knew this one was going to be good. Relax took everything that was good about Dead Mans Trail and dialed it up to ten with a rad biker outlaw theme. The slot’s graphics are fantastic with some great cinematic inserts and a dynamic background that pulses with life. The huge array of bonus features means that the slot’s gameplay is just as exciting as the graphics that they’re wrapped up in.

The slot does have high volatility which puts a small speed bump in the road, but that’s a small price to pay. This is especially true thanks to the slot’s massive 50,000x max multiplier that gives you a shot at the €200,000 max win playing at just €4 a spin. That’s right, for just €4 you have the chance to walk away with €200,000 when you play Dead Riders Trail slot.

If you’re looking for a few other Relax Gaming slots with massive max multipliers, I recommend giving Space Miners (50,000x max multiplier), Hazakura Ways (50,000x max multiplier), and Golden Gods (60,000x max multiplier) a try.