It’s Mega Jackpot Time at Fortunium Gold: Mega Moolah Slot, Baby!

Top of the line Steampunk graphics and monster jackpots may not be the most common slot duo, but who cares when it’s all on offer in the absolutely spectacular Fortunium Gold: Mega Moolah slot. The name gives it away and yes, you better make room for the one and only progressive Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot, starting at a mouthwatering €1,000,000!

Work your way towards the jackpot round where you will take a shot at the baddest progressive bonus wheel in the biz. You’ll need to go through both mystery reels and mystery symbols on your way there, but if you’re planning on hunting down a gigantic jackpot like this, you can’t let anything stand in your way.

Before you start playing, take a moment and think about the fact that this could be the day that everything changes. Now go get the Mega Jackpot!

This Is How It All Begins

Any slot gets better when there is a jackpot on the line but we have to admit that the cool factor is even higher when it’s a steampunk game. The graphics, sounds and dialogue really adds to the experience and even though the 5 reels and 40 paylines are in the center of your screen, you can’t help but keep one eye on the jackpot action on your left.

We’ll get to the biggest reason why you’re reading this, the Mega Jackpot, in just a minute. It may need to be clarified that you can still make a boatload of cash on top of the jackpots as well, considering the max win is a tickling €12,000.

The Fortunium Gold: Mega Moolah slot is a medium volatility game with an RTP of 92.67%. You will find a bet limit that is set at €15 and the max multiplier lands on 800x your stake.


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A Golden Opportunity

A jackpot of this magnitude is impossible to ignore, then again why on earth would you. This is the biggest reason we all spin the reels time and time again, for that big payday. Thanks to Quickfire, a golden opportunity is at your fingertips. However, they are not just going to hand it over to you on a silver platter, regardless of how amazing that may sound.

There are also a few other features deserving of our acknowledgment.

Mystery Symbols – On any given spin, you can land “?” symbols, meaning mystery symbols. They will all transform into the same random symbol and fingers crossed, resulting in a nice win.

Win Booster – If you feel extra bold, you’ll have the option of topping up your stake with an extra 50% by using this button on your left. What it means is that the mystery symbols will only transform into the high value symbols or wilds. Bigger wins are welcomed with open arms!

Free Spins in Steampunk City

Scatters are normally great friends to have and the same goes for this game. Landing 3 or more of them will trigger the free spin feature and set you up with 10 free spins with mystery reels.

These mystery reels are loaded with mystery symbols and depending on how many scatters brought you here, you can get up to 3 mystery reels.

How to Get to the Jackpots

When one of your mystery symbols shows a jackpot wild, you’ve triggered the jackpot feature. This is when the magical Jackpot Wheel comes into play and you’ll be one step closer to a life-changing moment.

The wheel is divided into sections, all leading to a different jackpot. As the jackpots are all progressive, they will keep growing until someone takes it home. Will this be you?

  • Mega Jackpot – starts at €1,000,000
  • Major Jackpot – starts at €10,000
  • Minor Jackpot – starts at €100
  • Mini Jackpot – starts at €10

In other words, this is your big chance of knocking down a rare commodity like the Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot. Get it done and let the champagne flow!

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May the Jackpot Gods Be on Your Side

Now that you have all the info on how to bag yourself the big kahuna, there is nothing left for us to say other than we wish you all the best and we’ll send you off with a roaring good luck!