Mega Ball is the Game Show That You Need to Try This Week!

When you play at an online casino, things can get a little crazy when compared to your regular old land-based casino. Action is available 24/7 and the games are all taken to the next level. But, the craziest games of all are the game show games. You simply don’t get these at land-based casinos.

So, kick off your week by trying your hand at the thrilling and fast-paced Mega Ball game show from Evolution Gaming. It’s packed full of action and will have your heart pounding out of your chest!

Check it out.

Pick Your Cards and Wait for the Balls to Drop!

If you’ve ever played the lottery or Keno then you will be pretty familiar with Mega Ball. The concept is fairly similar in the sense that you pick a number of tickets to buy at your chosen bet value, then you wait for the balls to drop. There are 20 balls that can be drawn, and you simply need to score lines on your cards to be able to walk away with a win.

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There is no skill needed to play Mega Ball and there are no strategies that you can employ in order to succeed time after time – it’s all down to luck. So, for that reason we do advise that you use a fair bit of caution when playing Mega Ball, and don’t go chasing your losses hard.

Click, Click, Win

Mega Ball really only requires you to click the mouse, or tap your screen, once or twice to get your hands on some cards and be in the next draw. Draws are fairly close together, so make your mind up as quick as you can as to whether you want to be in the next round or not.


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There are some handy multipliers that can come out, supercharging numbers and if that number features in a winning line, that winning line will get a boost. You can have multiple winning lines by forming the patterns that can be seen in the graphic above.

A Great Deal of Fun

Mega Ball is the perfect game for beginners to the gameshow world thanks to the lack of input needed from you as a player. Just set your bet value and pick how many cards you want to have – the game does the rest. The video quality is top-notch and auto scales depending on your connection quality, so don’t worry about eating up your mobile data if you’re playing using your cell plan!