Mega Don Slot Brings on the Big Tooth!

The other day I was at the nail salon. My technician and I were chatting about the shark attack that happened in our favorite coastal town.

The news rattled us all. Especially since I love going as deep as my long legs can take me. But not anymore. I’ll be one of those babies splashing their toes on the shoreline from now on.

What shook me the most was when my technician asked me: “Do sharks have teeth?” Uhm. Yes. I had to explain that not only did they have razor-sharp teeth that cut cleaner than a butcher’s knife. But they have rows and rows of them.

If you’re also wondering about shark dentistry then Mega Don slot will clear that all up.

Bring on big tooth

It was Shark Week last so I learned a thing or two about these deep-sea terrors. The biggest Great White Shark ever recorded was the Megalodon. This monster was 100 feet long. Thankfully for all the shark bait out there, they are extinct. Phew.

So it’s pretty clever that Play’n GO named this one Mega Don. After all… He’s the Mafia Boss of the ocean. No disputes. And if there were any, I’m sure it would be settled with a simple chomp.

I really enjoy this new slot. The sea is a strange place filled with strange things, like a prawn with a bird beak – apparently. Nothing surprises me down there. And I’m always open to new things, like winning up to €200,000.


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Prepare for Snack Time

The features in this high volatility slot are all about shark feasts. And why wouldn’t they be. The provider isn’t here to give anyone the illusion that sharks are sensitive (unlike in the film Shark Tale).

This is more on the Jaws scale than anything else. Minus the amputations and human torment. So let’s get to it. Snack Time is a base game feature that activates at random.

You can’t miss it. Things go dark and dreary, and the music becomes super ominous. Eek. 3 low-paying fish symbols will be chosen and upgraded into higher-paying symbols of one of the sharks.

It’s graphic. These poor things get swallowed right up. But hey, they make for bigger wins!


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Let the Shark Feast begin

The Shark Feast feature are free spins. And there is no way to get them but to spin until 3 or more Scatters land on the reels. Yup, this means there is no Buy Bonus option. But is there really any easy way out of shark-infested waters? I don’t think so.

Up to 12 free spins can be awarded, where the Snack Time upgrading symbols feature will also join in the fearful fun.

You can also re-trigger more free spins and more upgrading symbols by landing more Scatters on the reels of this 96.2% RTP slot.

It’s dangerously satisfying out there.


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Underwater evil is here!

Sure, there are tons of shark slots around. But the timing of this one is perfect – we’re still living the Shark Week fantasy.

The only thing I didn’t like about this new release, is that I couldn’t buy the Bonus Game. Instead I had to get cozy with a bunch of ugly-ass sharks and spin until I got it myself.

But there’s something rewarding about that too. Especially if the wins are good. So, if you’re feeling like you want to dip your toes into the deep blue for big bucks then play Mega Don slot today!