There’s a Battle between Gods and Monsters in Blessed Flame Slot!

If you’re still stuck on Stranger Things, then you’ll appreciate Blessed Flame slot. It’s kind of what Greek Mythology’s version of the Upside Down would be like. Just way less terrifying.

Speaking of Greek Mythology, I am relieved this slot follows this theme – because the word ‘flame’ automatically makes me think it’s one of those “Fire is Hot” classic slots.

This was a welcomed surprise. Also, Hercules looks like a caveman. But with a tattoo. I dig it.

It also seems Evoplay went with an ‘Enya’ approach for the music, but since we’re playing in the land of Gods and Monsters, I’ve got Lana Del on replay. So, I’m in my happy place.

Anyway, I’m in the mood to make some mean money, are you?

It’s a battle between good and evil

Whose side are you on? Heck, it doesn’t really matter. This is a casino game; we have no control over the outcome…

But what motivates us to watch things unfold is certainly the idea of winning up to €208,100. And this storyline is good enough for TV I’ll tell you. Well done, Evoplay.

Zeus is no stranger to slots, but here things are light-hearted – despite the monsters. It’s fun, and nobody is being struck by deadly lightning bolts, so that’s a bonus.

He’s called on fellow deities, Athena and Hercules (aka Heracles), to stand off against vanquishing weirdos, Cthulhu, Hastur, and Nyarlathotep, who are called the Giants.

Why? Because they’re getting too close to the sacred flame (aka your Scatter).


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Unleash the main game magic

Prepare for a supreme collision on the reels, because the balance between order and chaos is so damn cool.

It allows for 2 epic – yeah epic – main game features to fulfill your destiny of winning big. You can stumble across Olympic Respins, and Giant Respins.

If you land two of the same Olympian Gods on reels 1 and 5, they’ll become Olympic Wilds and trigger an almighty Olympic Respin.

Landing two of the same Giant Monsters on consecutive reels can trigger the Giant Respin where the monster turns into a mega Giant Wild.

Given this is a medium volatility slot, you could see thumping wins coming your way pretty regularly – depending on how long you choose to play for. Check mine…


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Prepare for the power of the Coin of Destiny

Remember I asked whose side you’re on? I guess the Coin of Destiny will resolve that dilemma for you.

Landing 3 or more Scatters on the reels will trigger one of two Free Spins rounds, but which round you get will be determined by the two-sided Coin of Destiny.

On the one side of the coin lies Olympic Free Spins, and on the other lies Giant Free Spins. And, whichever side it lands on is where you’ll be headed.

Both Free Spins modes will transform the reels up to 7 positions high – giving the Gods and Giants more room to run amuck for wins.

Expect one random Olympic Wils to appear on the reels in every spin in the Olympic Free Spins, and one Giant Wild for every spin in the Giant Free Spins. They’re both power!


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We want you to be the winner!

There’s always a winner in a big battle, and I want it to be YOU. No matter how you get there, or who helps you achieve it, you can win big in Blessed Flame slot – even if you are rooting for evil to prevail.

This 96% RTP game offers endless entertainment and its features are fierce. I highly recommend this slot for anyone who loves a fable that results in fortunes.