The Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus Slot Is as Intense as It Gets

Snakes for hair – don’t care! The legendary serpentine hairstyle is back and Medusa is looking for revenge. Perseus may have defeated her once before but this time it’s up to you to take care of business in the thrilling Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus slot.

Take on the persona of the hero and swiftly move through the darkness with each spin, not only to save the world from Medusa but also to get your hands on the €198,375 max win. This is so much more than a slot and the features, graphics and overall gameplay makes it a game you can really get lost in.

The ancient ruins of Athens are dangerous, so tread carefully and watch your back!

Defeat Her Once and for All

In order to be victorious on your quest, you must have faith in the 5 reels and 30 paylines that will help you track down the enemy. Weapons and armour will be vital in order to defeat Medusa once and for all and what’s cool about this game is the 2 screen split. Your reels will be at the bottom while the real action will take place above. Nice touch, PG Soft!


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Medusa II: The Quest of Perseus slot is a medium volatility game, giving you that extra boost of confidence needed. After adding a 94.96% RTP, a 529x multiplier and a €198,375 max win into the mix, the days of Medusa are numbered.

As an extra bonus for players who enjoy the big bets, we are happy to share an impressive bet limit of €375!

These Features Can Be the Difference

Medusa is a slippery one to catch but don’t worry, there are plenty of helpers in the game that will get you to the ultimate goal.

Pot Selection – On any given spin, 3 pots can appear at random. Take a pick as they are filled with goodies and you can get a Soul Stone, Blue Potion, cash prize of up to 5x or a re-spin.

If the nerves are getting to you, you can choose the auto selection which will randomly make the choice for you and you can keep focusing on the task at hand.

Stone Reel – Another random feature where up to 3 Stone Reels may appear on the reels. These will reveal a random symbol but you can also win up to 2 Soul Stones or a Blue Potion, which can be really useful as you will find out.

Collect Soul Stones

Soul Stones play a major role in this game and are something you need to collect. You can get them through the Pot Selection, Stone Reel or by defending yourself against Medusa during one of her random vicious attacks.

Getting 3 of them is what’s needed to trigger the free spins but watch your step, even if you get them, there is a chance they will be removed or taken away.

You will notice a blue meter above the reels. The blue lights each represent one spin and 12 full cells is the maximum. If the meter runs all the way down, your soul stones will be taken away, so keep refilling it.

For example, a Blue Potion in the Pot Selection feature will give you a solid boost of 3 cells.

Watch Out for Vicious Attacks

Make sure to stay on your toes as Medusa can appear in a vicious attack at any time, in an attempt to destroy your Soul Stone. When she does, there are 3 different outcomes to keep in mind.

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– If she appears and you don’t have a winning combo, she will destroy one of the stones.

– You can attack her by a winning combo with high-paying symbols, which will give you a Soul Stone.

– If you have a win, but with lower valued symbols, she will not be able to break a stone.

How to Maximize Your Free Spins

When you’ve reached the 3 Soul Stones, 10 free spins will be yours and it’s time to face Medusa 1 on 1.

You will be attacking her with each spin and the better the combination, the more damage you will do to her.

If you can defeat her within the 10 free spins, you will get an additional 5. With her out of the picture it’s easier to focus on getting the big wins and the money!

It’s Like Being in a Movie

The excellent soundtrack really makes you feel like you are in an actual movie and with the moving screen, it becomes a real adventure. As intense and nerve wracking as it may be, it’s a thrilling game that you need to play so get out there and be the hero the world is looking for.