Meteoric Wins Are Yours to Land in Sizzling Moon Slot!

If there’s one thing that hasn’t been mastered yet, it’s lunar travel. We sail through the seas on cruise ships, peep our heads out in the clouds in airplanes. But, space is still unattainable for most of us… For now.

There’s talk of people going to live on the moon one day, which would be cool even though we can’t breathe there. We’d live like Sally from Spongebob FOREVER. A moon trip is on millions of bucket lists, but hell… If Sizzling Moon slot is anything to go by, the moon is a terrifying place to be – we’d be burnt alive! But, if we did survive (somehow) then there’s up to €100,000 to launch back home with.

Let’s turn Sizzling Moon slot into a disco inferno

If we’re gonna burn, let’s sizzle in style with this Hold the Jackpot Wazdan slot – because Hold the Jackpot slots are so hot right now and is a perfectly suited feature for this flaming fiesco.

In this galaxy of fire you can spin for wins with epic features, where mega progressive jackpots are ready to erupt.

The symbols you’ll be spinning with are all fiery. There are 7s, Stars, and the Card Deck Royals. The special symbols to make magma magic with are the Sizzling Moon Bonus, and the Inferno Wild, and in the bonus game you could be lucky to come across Mystery and Moon Mystery symbols in your journey for out-of-this-world wins.


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Get your reels sizzling for scorching wins

The main feature in Sizzling Moon slot is the Hold the Jackpot Bonus – and a feature as ferocious as this is all you need to rocket off with gigantic rewards.

In order to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus, you’ll need to draw at least 6 Sizzling Moon Bonus symbols on the screen. You’ll begin with 3 re-spins, and for every new Sizzling Moon symbol you land, the respins number will reset to 3. The landed Bonus symbols will stay in position for the duration of the bonus game.

This adventure will last until all respins have run out, or when all reels are filled with Sizzling Moon symbols. The symbols you’ve landed each award prizes anywhere from 1x to 15x the original bet.


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Hold your breath for the jackpots

Huge jackpots are on offer in the Hold the Jackpot Bonus, where you can trigger a Mini Jackpot, a Minor Jackpot, a Major Jackpot, a Grand Jackpot, or a Moon Jackpot.

These symbols can drop randomly amongst the Sizzling Moon symbols. And, if they’re dropped, they’ll award corresponding jackpots based on your bet level.

The Mini Jackpot awards 20x your bet, the Minor Jackpot awards 50x your bet, and the Major Jackpot awards a major 150x your bet. Upping the ante, the Grand Jackpot awards 1,000x your bet while the Moon Jackpot is worth a heated 2,500x your bet. To get the big bucks you’ll need the help of the Mystery and Mystery Moon symbols which transform into other Bonus symbols, including the Moon Jackpot symbol.

The best news yet, is that multiple jackpots can be won in the Bonus Game.

So keep your sights set on the moon, because this is where the progressive jackpot meteors will land.


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The moon is a mystery, but the wins sure aren’t!

Sizzling Moon slot is something spectacular to experience – a planet offering erupting jackpot wins and suspenseful thrills.

It has a 96.14% RTP, and allows the player to choose their own volatility level, putting the planetary power in your hands.

Forget fun in the sun, Sizzling Moon slot is where the heat is at!