Celebrate Christmas with Bonanza Donut Xmas Slot

I’ve never understood why Americans spell it “donut.” Doughnut describes the item and actually sounds like the word when you say it. “Do” in English does not sound like “dough” – it’s just silly. That being said, doughnuts are among my top five inventions in all of human history, and I’ll fight anyone who says differently.

Celebrate the doughy goodness of the greatest pastry ever created with a festive season twist in Bonanza Donut Xmas slot from Gamzix.

Start your day off with donuts

Bonanza Donut Xmas slot’s gameplay revolves around its cluster wins feature which removes symbols involved in winning combinations allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This feature gives players a shot at multiple winning opportunities on each spin of the reels.


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Things really start getting interesting in this snowy wonderland with the appearance of four or more scatter symbols on the reels which will trigger a round of the slot’s free spins. During free spins, you’ll be looking to collect donut multipliers and golden ticket symbols. The donut multipliers will add a specific multiplier amount to a global multiplier that is applied to each and every win. As for the golden ticket symbols, collect five or more during a round of free spins, and you’ll trigger one of the slot’s two bonus games.


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If you manage to unlock a bonus game, it will be triggered at the end of your round of free spins. Once it is triggered, you’ll get to choose between a number of Christmas gift boxes each with its own special bonus that will be added to your free spins win amount.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for fresh donuts, you can select to buy a round of the slot’s free spins. You can also activate the Hot Bet feature that will bump your bet amount slightly and improve your chances of triggering the slot’s free spins feature the old-fashioned way.

Is Bonanza Donut Xmas slot sweet or sour?

Bonanza Donut Xmas slot and Bonanza Donut slot are basically the same game with the former simply dressing up for Christmas. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Its predecessor was a fun game with sweet graphics and tasty bonus features and I like Christmas and all the color and decorations, I could, however, do without Mariah Carey whining over the speakers of every store I visit. Put simply, I like Christmas and I liked Bonanza Donut slot, and together the pair is a sweet treat that I don’t mind digging into.

The slot offers medium volatility meaning it’ll have a nice balance between consistent small wins and rare big wins. Plus, it also has an impressive 13,000x max multiplier giving you a shot at playing for the €260,000 at just €20 a spin. If your balance isn’t going to let you bet at the max, that multiplier will give you a shot at some impressive wins even if you’re betting at the €0.20 minimum. The slot has a 96.2% RTP.

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