The Exciting New Spin Vention Slot Is Steampunk at Its Finest

Outstanding graphics is a constant in steampunk themed games and the Spin Vention slot is no exception. The freshest release from High 5 Games takes you on a captivating journey through a futuristic steampunk world where sparks are flying and big wins are triggered.

A group of modifiers will be standing by, eager to get thrown into action and get you closer to the €305,610 max win so don’t be shy to get them involved. The Spin Vention slot is full of fun features like the Energy Box, Free spins and a unique pick ‘n click bonus game.

Let’s shift gears, connect the cogwheels and hunt down some wins!

Look for the Blimp

The brass pipe construction with the 5 reels has a spectacular view of the city behind it, where you can even spot the odd blimp flying by. In terms of symbols it’s the scientist, a woman and their robot assistant that hold the highest values. One of the more important symbols is the wild and it is more than happy to bring all of his fellow wilds along for the ride, which is fantastic!


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As a high volatility game, the big wins can come on any given spin and with a €305,610 max win in play, you can prepare to celebrate. The game has a 96.00% RTP, a bet limit set at €30 and thank you High 5 Games for the 10,174x multiplier.

Get the Energy Box Going

In order to involve the modifiers above, you need to attract the glowing cube, known as the Energy Box. When it lands, the respective modifier above the reel it’s on will be activated and these are your potential helpers:

  • Stacked wilds
  • Random wilds
  • Multipliers up to 5x your stake
  • Instant cash prize up to 100x your stake

Just because you trigger the modifiers does not mean you are guaranteed a win but it definitely increases your chances. It’s possible that more than one modifier is activated at the same time, making things even more fun!

How to Get Free Spins

You need to get one of the globes and an arrow symbol in order to trigger the free spins. Each globe will show your number of spins so if you can get more of them involved, the better it is. Sky’s the limit in the world of steampunk and with a bit of luck you can rack up a crazy 100 free spins. Boom!

Take Your Spaceship for a Ride

When the energy box activates a blue globe, you can prepare yourself for a unique ride in your very own spaceship. Take your pick from the floating cog symbols and cash in on multipliers.

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Whatever you do, take sure you stay clear from the exploding mines as it will cost you a life.

A Great Release

There is no denying the charm of steampunk and the Spin Vention slot is an excellent game. All the ingredients are there, from fun features to big wins so let’s tip our imaginary hat to High 5 Games for a great release!