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Learn the Ways of the Gauls Slot to Win!

Did you know that the Gauls were almost singularly responsible for pants? Yes, pants! They were one of, if not the first, cultures to figure out how to produce pants. And when the Romans conquered Gaul, they adopted the fashion trend and disseminated it across the Empire. So, if it wasn’t for Gauls, we may still be wearing togas.

Experience the birthplace of pants in Ways of the Gauls slot from Platipus and take a shot at a fashionable €392,000 win!

These Romans are crazy!

When I was growing up, I could not get enough of Asterix comics. I read them, watched the series, and even managed to get to see a dubbed version of the live-action movies. It was, as a result, surprising to me that the series never took off outside its home country of France in the same way Tintin did. In fact, the comics had very little if any popularity in the US.

Despite this disappointing discovery, my love for the comic has remained along with a fascination with the Gauls and their culture. It was, as a result, really exciting to see that the latest installment from Platipus drew inspiration from the Gauls.


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Unlike Asterix, Ways of the Gauls slot leans more into the mysticism of the culture. The slot is set in a spooky forest with runic stones glowing with magical power. The gold and blue reels feature a bunch of Gaul iconography, including the winged helmet that Asterix made iconic. I’m not sure if I love it.

Where’d all the magic go?

With the slot leaning into the mysticism side of the Gauls, it would stand to reason that it would be filled with magic-themed bonus features and some unique game mechanics. There is, however, a distinct lack of magic in Ways of the Gauls slot.

Let’s start with the basics. Extraways are similar to megaways in that it varies the number of symbols on the reels at any one time, meaning that each spin can have between 108 and 12,348 ways to win. This is the basis of the Ways of the Gauls slot.


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With the appearance of six or more wooden shield cash prize symbols on the reels, the respin feature will be triggered. During this feature, you’ll get three respins to add extra wooden shield symbols to the reels. With the appearance of a wooden shield symbol, your respins will reset back to three. If you go three spins without adding a new wooden shield symbol to the reels, you’ll receive the sum of all the cash prize values, and you’ll go back to the base game.

If you’re looking for big wins, however, you’ll need to grab three or more bubbling cauldron scatter symbols to trigger a round of six free spins. These spins are fully retriggerable, awarding an additional six free spins with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols during a round of free spins.

Now, if you’d like to employ a little magic to bypass the pesky unlocking of bonus features, you can choose to buy a feature. However, remember that there are always consequences with magic, and you may end up paying more than you’ll get out in winnings.

Is Ways of the Gauls slot heroic or hopeless?

Drawing inspiration from different cultures is one of the hallmarks of Platipus slots. That’s not innately a bad thing. However, it does invite laziness. Game designers fall into clichés and rely on tropes and surface-level depictions of their subjects. This, in my opinion, is what Ways of the Gauls slot suffers from. The slot just doesn’t offer anything unique. The graphics are stale, and the gameplay isn’t anything to write home about.


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The base of the slot is still salvageable, though. It has a fairly average 95.3% RTP rating and high volatility. However, it does offer a €392,000 max win and a fairly healthy 12,250x max multiplier. It’s not world-beating, but it’s definitely good for a few spins.

Ideally, I’d like to recommend alternative Gaul-inspired slots, but there just aren’t any. So instead, give Bork the Berzerker and Xibalba a try. This pair of slots are two of my all-time favorites.