Here’s What to Do if You Want to Become a Baccarat Champion

The game of Baccarat has been around since the 19th century, when it was a highly popular game among the French aristocrats. James Bond himself has sat down at the Baccarat table in no less than five movies over the years and you can imagine what type of validation that has given the game.

Baccarat is often considered as a game for the rich and famous, so if you are looking to get a foot in the door of the high rollers and prove that you belong, mastering it goes a long way. Fine tuning your skills before sitting down at a land-base casino table is to be recommended and what better way to do so than right here at BitStarz.

High table limits are very common in Baccarat so let’s look at a few ways for you to master the game and become a champ!

Study the Rules

First and foremost, knowing the rules is half the battle when it comes to any table game and it makes sense, right? If you understand the game, it automatically increases your odds of winning by learning which bets not to make etc. Take a look at the stats, use it to your advantage and you will be leaving the table with pockets full of cash in no time.

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Baccarat is actually a pretty simple game and as soon as you have a better grip of the rules, your journey to success will be a breeze.

Pick a Winning Strategy

Most games are open to using strategies to help improve your game and Baccarat is no exception. A lot of players turn to the Martingale system in order to boost their winnings but there are other tricks you can keep up your sleeve.

Stay Away From the “Tie”

Because the game only has three bets (Banker, Player or Tie), the house edges are very low. With the Banker sitting at a very low 1.06% and the Player edge is 1.24%, it makes a ton of sense to be very cautious about putting money down on a Tie. The reason being that the house edge on a Tie is a staggering 14.4%! In other words, be smart and stay away from it.

Put Your Trust in the Banker

Considering the Banker will win more than 50% of the time, your odds of winning will be the best if you trust the stats and bet on the Banker.

Look For Hot Streaks

If you can capitalize on streaks, it can have a tremendous impact on your winnings. Based on stats, it is of course the Banker that has the best chance of making that happen. Give it a go and keep your Banker bet going.

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Any streak will sooner or later come to an end but if you can scoop up a few consecutive wins, your pockets will fill up nice and quick.

Let’s Shuffle

Of course it’s all about the deck and how it’s shuffled but since you can’t affect that part of the game, try the tricks we have listed above. Perhaps whispering sweet nothing into the ear of Lady Luck will get her on your side?

Now that you have a better idea of how to conquer Baccarat, head over to our game lobby and put it to the test in one of our many options, including many live versions. Maybe we will even see you at the table the next time 007 wants a piece of it!