Get Into the Jungle Spirit Slot and Hit Big With Exotic Animals

It may sound nuts, we know, but we are a tiny bit jealous of Tarzan and Mowgli. Sure, being raised in the jungle must’ve been rough but to create that sort of relationships with wild animals is pretty damn cool if you ask us. We embrace any opportunity to do so ourselves and thanks to NetEnt and the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot, we get a chance to befriend a few of these exotic animals and reap the benefits of their secret money making talents.

The jungle is calling our names so step aside Bear Grylls, we’ve got this!

At the Top of the Food Chain

Into the rainforest we go and we are welcomed by 5 sharp toothed reels with a wingspan of 1,024 ways to win. Considering the existing wild life, you need to watch your step, especially with the snappy 3D graphics. It’s a bit naive to think you can just waltz in here and grab what you need and then leave because in these territories, humans are not at the top of the food chain.

We might be the numero uno item on the menu for the locals but we are far from being in charge here. However, if you want to get the big bucks, sometimes you have to stick your neck out.


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Features Swinging From Tree to Tree

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions sleep tonight. Well, there are no lions in the jungle actually but who are we to nitpick at such a classic song. As one extra feature is rarely enough, this slot comes fully loaded with three of them.

Double Expanded Butterfly Magic

When you see the golden butterfly flying next to a symbol, get ready for an expanding feature and to see your favorite predators on a bigger scale.

In a wild atmosphere such as the jungle, it’s hard to believe that the butterflies have such powers. We will never underestimate them again as they can randomly put on another display of magic by circling the reels and expand up to 5 symbols, if they are part of a winning combo.


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Flower Power

When the flowers are in bloom, all bets are off. In this case it means that landing 3 or more of the pretty flowers will serve up a nice collection of free spins. Before you start to spin, you need to make a choice and pick your favorite animal. Choose between winning often and less or bigger but less frequently.


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Jawbreaking Wins

The token animals were only a teaser of what kind of bite this slot has. We love the features of the jungle and regardless of what animal you favorize, they keep filling up the account with jawbreaking wins. Be sure to head over to our BitStarz game lounge for more of this fantastic entertainment!