Multipliers and Payouts Are Through the Roof in Divine Dreams

Could you break down dreams into different categories? If you’re keeping it simple you could probably split them up into normal, strange and super weird. We’re not sure what dreams would classify as divine but hopefully we get to find out in the Divine Dreams slot. One thing is for sure, the payouts in this fantastic game from Quickspin are absolutely divine! The question is… are you worthy of them?

A Treat for a Stressed Mind

This entertaining game is set across 5 reels and the soundtrack is like a soothing ointment for a stressed mind gently being massaged onto your tempel. The peacefulness really comes through the screen and sets you up nicely for a great experience. Stone symbols are the choice for this game and the very crafty looking elephants, bears, turtles and fish brings a certain uniqueness to the slot.


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Shower Yourself With Monster Payouts

Quickspin are not messing around and they have really made sure the opportunity to make some real moolah is legit here. The monster max coin payout is an astounding 7,414,900 and let that number simmer for a second before you dive on the spin button.


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Monster Free Spins With a Multitude of Extras

Just like in the majority of our slots, the free spins feature is where the most money is made and Divine Dreams is no different. The scatters on your reels need to be 3 or more in order for you to take a swing at them. You can get up to 20 free spins which can really boost your account.

To maximize your winning potential the game will add a few spices into the mix. While you spin, you will notice the symbols looking a bit different and juiced up with things like Yin Yang Wilds, Super Spin, Mega Spin and extra wilds. Trust us, you will be happy when these guys kick in!


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Pretty Close to Perfect

We now fully believe the divine powers and they are ever so evident in this slot. Jam packed with extra multipliers on each spin and even bigger ones during the free spins feature makes it a ton of fun to play. A relaxing vibe with massive payouts is pretty darn close to a perfect slot, if you ask us. Go nuts on the reels and land yourself some of those epic payouts, amigo!