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I love LA and everything about it. Barring a few of its residents like OJ Simpson, Charles Manson, and The Kardashians. But everything else is iconic! 

And I reckon the best time to be alive in Los Angeles was in the 70s and 80s. This was when artists became icons, and hippies were always high. I totally missed out. I’d have loved seeing Elton John rock out with his star-studded socks out at The Troubadour.

Hell, when I was in LA, the cast of Schitt’s Creek were doing a meet and greet. I love David, but really? I wanted to see Johnny Depp strum his 1956 Fender Stratocaster at the Viper Room for old times’ sake. 

Luckily Rock ‘n’ Lock slot remembers what the music scene in those times was all about… Pink Cadillacs, platinum records, and neon lights!

Meet you at Whiskey A Go Go 

I commend Red Tiger Gaming for the theme they chose for this slot. It’s fresh. And you can tell it’s set in Hollywood because the main dude looks like a James Dean/Elvis Presley/Nick Jonas hybrid. 

I’m not sure who or what they were going for with him… Probably Elvis since there’s a pink Cadillac on the reels – but I don’t remember The King being so sexy. Dayum! Guess his constant wiggling and jiggling just wasn’t my cuppa hunk. I prefer him static.  

Rock ‘n’ Lock slot will take you through Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, where bars were booming, stars were shining, and music had a timeless vibe.


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Get your rock on for big wins 

Rock ‘n’ Lock slot has medium to high volatility, and it’s not as straightforward as other slots you’ve seen. 

I spun for a while, wondering how to win, what things meant, and what the point of it all was. Well, that’s my bad for not checking the Pay Table. You’d think I know all there is to know about slots by now – but apparently not. 

And that’s a good thing! New is what we want. So Rock ‘n’ Lock slot decided to chuck out the standard Scatters and replace them with Gold and Platinum Records. 

It sounds simple enough, but when they have monetary values attached to them, one would assume they’re part of a Lock Bonus and don’t count in the main game (as we’ve seen in other coin respin slots). 

But on the contrary – these guys unlock big wins for you—up to €117,000. And I’ll get on to how they create money magic next.


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Lock the records

You can only win the prizes on the Gold and Platinum Records in the Lock the Records Bonus feature, and in order to get grooving with it, you’ll need to land between 3 and 5 records on the reels. 

Once you’ve triggered the feature, you’ll be given respins to use to fill your screen with records only. For every record you secure, an additional 4 respins will be granted, and you’ll get more chances for them to take a spot on your grid.  

Not only does it reset the respins count, but it will add its coin value to the other records on the screen. This significantly boosts the value of all the records – and it’s loads of fun to watch. 

At the end of the Lock the Records Bonus, all record wins will be added and given to you… And if you’re lucky enough to fill the entire screen with records (like I was), you’ll get double the rewards.


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Play for platinum prizes in Rock ‘n’ Lock slot!

As we’ve established, I was super happy being in Hollywood with Rock ‘n’ Lock slot, and once I navigated my way around the Scatters/Coins, things really took off. Like 50 Cent’s career when he met Dre. 

So, if you’re looking for a hot new game to play that appreciates the arts and takes you back to the epic music era, then the 93.71% RTP Rock ‘n’ Lock slot is the venue you should be entering.