Take a crack shot at a jackpot in these legendary slots!

It’s time again to let you in on a few secrets here at BitStarz. We always know what our players want – and we know they NEED the jackpots. So if you haven’t grabbed one of these incredible life-changing payouts before, or if you’re looking for a few juicy slots to sink your spins into, this jackpot guide will get you well on your way to riches at BitStarz!

Types of Jackpots

Jackpots really do come in all shapes and sizes, and at the end of the day, the requirements or ways to win a jackpot are up to the provider, which will be stipulated in the game rules. Most jackpots are the top award that can be won on the slot, with a large payout to be awarded in a single win.

But other slots feature multiple jackpots which may include a Mini, Minor, Major, and a Grand Jackpot. 88 Dragons Treasure slot has a good example of these jackpots.


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Now for one of the most exciting types of jackpots, the progressive jackpot. These jackpots accumulate over time with credits wagered by all players that have played the slot. The progressive jackpot would normally start with an amount equal to the top award or payout of the slot, and progress as small percentages of bets add to the jackpot.


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Diamond Wild slot from iSoftBet games is one of our biggest progressives here at BitStarz with a sensational €143,000 progressive jackpot at the moment. This slot has a classic Bar and Fruit theme and includes a free games bonus too, so it is definitely worth a go!

How jackpots are won

If we need to explain this one to you, then you clearly haven’t been playing with BitStarz very long, as jackpots come creeping around every corner of our casino.

Jackpots are the top awards that can be won when playing a casino game. Most games that feature jackpots would require the player to obtain a certain winning combination, play above or equal to a specified bet value, or unlock a feature to be eligible for the award.


The image above shows a paytable displaying specific bet requirements to unlock jackpot eligibility. If you bet 68 credits per spin, only three of the jackpots are possible, but playing 88 credits will unlock all four jackpot possibilities.

The example in the video below shows a jackpot win in Wealth of Wisdom slot. Notice how three of the monk symbols are paid out as a win at the beginning of the video, and how the same three symbols award a jackpot at the end.

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This is because the requirement to win this jackpot states that the symbols must fall in a straight row on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd paylines – this is what happened when the jackpot was won. This is a great example of specified requirements when looking to win a jackpot.

Jackpot games at BitStarz

Now you know what jackpots are and how they work, and you wanna get you some of that! Who doesn’t? At BitStarz we have stacks of jackpots to win.

Our jackpot menu at BitStarz is crammed with some of the juiciest progressive jackpots, such as My Lucky Number slot from Hacksaw Games with a top award of €25 million!


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You can also have a go at the explosive €1 million max win game The Bomb slot – if you want to blow things out of proportion. If you’re feeling luckier than a leprechaun, Lucky Clover slot has a very green €81,000 progressive prize, which will see you grabbing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Getting weird and wacky with monkey business can always see unexpected jackpots coming your way and Monkey Jackpot slot from Belatra Games is a great place to hang around. This slot has five jackpot awards, each named after a character or fruit symbol in the slot. This goes to show how creative game providers can be when making jackpots extraordinarily exciting.


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Lord of the Sun slot from Platipus Games also has four jackpots with a Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. This slot displays various features above each reel. If you land a scatter symbol under the reel showing the “Jackpot” feature, you’ll get to spin a magical wheel of fortune to win one of the four superb jackpots.

Hunt for Jackpots at BitStarz today!

These jackpot games mentioned are only a taste of what’s in store at BitStarz. Check out the Jackpots Menu in the BitStarz lobby for some thrilling progressives and massive jackpots.

When browsing through the Slots Menu, make sure to look out for game titles that display a jackpot amount on the top left corner of the cover image – these are progressives.

You have some jackpots to win guys and girls, so get to it!