Royal Potato Slot Is One Fairytale You’ve Never Seen Before!

Nothing in fairytale land makes sense, does it? From singing teacups and talking donkeys, to flying carpets and Oompa Loompas… We’re surprised that we came out alright after filling our minds and imaginations with such bizarrity.

And guess what? There’s a new fantasy to figure out, one that didn’t quite make it into the mainstream – Royal Potato slot. That’s right, royal potatoes, sovereign spuds, a family of rich and regal taters is the theme of this slot.

What is the ‘lifespan’ of a potato even? How do potatoes produce ‘heirs’? How the heck do they rule over a kingdom with no limbs? It’s all a mystery… But it’s fun and the wins are big, and that’s what counts!

Spin carb-crazy reels for royal rewards

This is one truly enchanting slot that we just can’t help chuckle at. We can potato-ally see the intention of this Relax Gaming creation. It is supposed to be charming and magical, which it is… If you manage to put the hilarious yams aside.

We can’t say we’ve ever seen anthropomorphic potatoes quite like these before. Mr Potato Head is a different story – he’s a toy. These are living, breathing, and from what it seems, a family of sleeping-pill popping potatoes who can fry up wins worth up to €180,000.


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In Royal Potato slot, you’ll be spinning the reels with the family; the King, the Queen, Princess Desirée, Prince Yukon, Lady Russet, and Lord Kennebec. Amongst them are Purple, Orange, Green, and Blue flowers – perfectly suited ground-growing companions.

The special symbols are the Scatter which is of a Baby Potato and the Jumbo, which is of a Huge Potato sleeping in his bed.

There’s super features to make you big winners

Royal Potato slot features the familiar Relax Gaming mechanic, SuperSpinners, as well as Jumbo Free Spins, and a Royal Levy Bonus.

SuperSpinners look like water droplets with multiplier values displayed on them. All winning lines crossing the SuperSpinners will have their payout multiplied by the value shown on the spinners. This feature is so superior, you can even buy it with the Bonus Buy option.


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The Free Spins are fresh and will have your wins growing, growing, and growing with the Jumbo Symbol in play.

Landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols can award up to 14 free spins for you to have fun with. They will start with a sticky Jumbo Symbol in the centre, which substitutes for many others. If a win is achieved, the Jumbo Symbol will grow and will also award additional spins. The bigger it grows, the more symbols it substitutes for – delicious!

The Royal Levy feature comes into play when the King and the Queen make their grand entrances on the reels. They can reveal a prize that is multiplied by the sum of all SuperSpinners multipliers.


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We want our potatoes served royal!

Since the launch of this 96.31% RTP and high volatility slot, boiled and baked potatoes are so last week. Royal potatoes are what’s hot and happening right now.

With wins of €180,000, we’d certainly induct Royal Potato slot into the fairytale Hall of Fame if it were up to us… although the movie could be rather boring, since these spuds are always sleeping.

When you’re mashing, slicing, and dicing tonight, remember that there are potatoes out there that are dishing out a lot more than carbs and calories.